Extermination: Feminism’s Final Solution for Man-Kind Revealed

Brothers, today is an auspicious day. I have been critizising Feminism for quite a while now. Yet never in my darkest nightmares would I have imagined the depths of inhumane cruelty their ideology goes to. I can honestly say the recently revealed information has deeply, deeply shocked me.

But maybe I have once again been naive. Because in a sense, the signs have been pretty apparent. Roughly 40 years ago Valerie Solanas wrote her infamous S.C.U.M. Manifesto (Society for Cutting Up Men). In it Valerie Solana spoke about the (male) y chromosome being an accident and of the neccessity to completely annihilate all men. And prominent feminists such as Germaine Greer and others cheered her for her “progressive” views of bringing down the patriarchy by revolutionary genocide of all males.

So what? That was then, this is now, you say? Well, my dear reader, I invite you to take a good look at below found video. It is S.C.U.M. relaunched, recently produced by a Swedish feminist theatre group, and its message is, shall we say, rather unambiguous: Murdering a man and then laughing, gigling, wallowing in savage glee and finally ending the video clip with a very clear invitation for others to do the same:

Watching this video and its misandric, inhumane saddism just sickened me. I felt like a jew reading ‘Mein Kampf’. But what makes it even worse is the fact that this theatre group is publically endorsed and funded by the Swedish government and they actually conduct performances for children in schools.

Are you puking yet? Do you still have a stomach for more of this filth? Because there are some further revelations. A Mens’ Rights Activist – known as Agent Orange – recently infiltrated a radical feminist forum and gathered some raw, unedited statements made by individuals who I can only describe as deeply, deeply sociopathic and inhuman. And seeing as several of these womens’ identities have been confirmed we also now know that they are *not* just nutcases on the fringe. They are sound and solid citizens in positions of authority. School teachers, lawyers and the likes. If this doesn’t worry you, as a man, I don’t know what will.

Isabelle Moreira (screen name “Izzie”), a web developer in Curitiba, Brazil

Lorraine Allen (screen name “White Tiger”), a special education teacher at The Center for Discovery Hurleyville, New York

Laila Namdarkhan (screen name “yabawife”), a well known feminist activist who was instrumental in passing legislation in the U.K. regarding the mental health of women in prisons

Pam O’Shaughnesey (screen name changed from “Vliet Tipree” to “karma”), an established writer, publisher and lawyer

The above statements are just a small part of the much larger treasure trove of information on radical feminism gathered by Agent Orange. If you want to learn more you can visit ‘A Voice For Men‘ where there is further analysis and discussion about this matter (don’t forget to thank to Paul Ellam, John the Other, Fidelbogen and Agent Orange for their outstanding work).

Or you can directly download all Agent Orange files here.

Brothers, we are at war. The Gender War is real and if you have a penis it does not matter what you’re convictions are. Just remember…in *their* view you are nothing more than an inferior Untermensch, vermin that must be eradicated. You’d all do well not to forget that.


Sex, Gender & Lies: Why Men & Women Are Different and “Equality” Is Impossible

Feminism’s vision of future “man”

As we all know one of the core tennets of Feminism is the (scientifically unproven) claim that there are no inherent differences between the sexes. “Gender”, feminists claim, is nothing more than a social construct. In effect, the evil Patriarchy has been oppressing women and forcing them into distinct gender roles that they *themselves* never really wanted by their own volition. If only boys would start playing with barbie dolls enough and women roughed things up once in a while everything would be shiny.

I suspect that is one of the reasons why feminists have programmed women to become crass imitations of the baser kind of man. If for nothing else simply to prove their socially constructed gender assumption…was viable…that grrrl power would prevail and the ‘gender leap’ was possible.

Now, without delving too deep into the science of the matter a few rather apparent issues seem to me to indicate the complete and utter folly of this entire school of thought:

  1. If gender is a social construct and gender roles are consequently dependant on *individual* societal conditions why is it, then, that throughout history pretty much *all* human civilizations have had – roughly speaking – the same or at the very least similar gender roles? Why is it that altogether different and physically segregated cultures such as the Polynesians and the Irish developed in essence the same gender roles? If they were never in contact with each other and isolated from each other as well as from any other culture as well as facing completely different evironmental conditions…how come the same gender roles popped up?
  2. Why is it that men have invented about 99.999% of all human inventions? Why is it that basically every new and groundbreaking company has been started by men? Why is it that men sailed to America and braved all the seas of the world? Why have literally all great cultural works been done by men, all religions created by men? And, conversely, why have women failed so abysmally in all these fields?

1. only makes sense if we assume these roles are *not* in fact socially constructed but biologically hardwired. Any other theory fails to explain the essentially universal nature of gender roles.

2. Here feminists usually start screeching, foaming from the mouth and spouting some gibberish like “women were chained to walls, barefoot, pregnant all the time, denied education and thus could not invent anything. It’s not their faaaaaault, it’s the evil patriarchy, you stupid, smelly troglodyte.”

Aha. So only women were oppressed and had no time to invent things? And men were sitting around leisurely and were encouraged to just invent along? As easy as that? Well what about Copernicus then? I mean…how much encouragement did Copernicus get from the inqusition? They effectively tortured him becaused he dared say the world was not the center of the universe.

And what about Jesus? He sure as hell wasn’t exactly boosted by some affirmative action plan so he could start christianity, get nailed to the cross and die for our sins.

But it goes on: Arguably, a field where since time immemorial women have *always* been natural professionals is the field of menstruation. The woman’s curse, the monthly period was something women have had to deal with in all ages, for thousands of years ever since the first hairy Homo Sapiens started his rise from the animal kingdom. So women have literally had thousands of years to derive a means to mitigate this fundamental biological fact. Have they invented anything in this regard? Hell no. It was a man that actually invented the tampon*.

And what about child birth? Were women “oppressed” here as well? And what about midwives? Weren’t they a female profession that assisted women giving birth for thousands of years? Surely they gained a lot of experience, right? So it would stand to reason, then, that this *massive* experience would at some point translate into inventions, right? Wrong again, Hosé. They invented *nothing*, *nada*, *zilch*. It was not until the 16th century that a *man*, a French Huguenot and ironically a family patriarch, invented the forceps, a tool with which to spread the vagina during birth and thus ease the birthing process.

Next in line the 19th century: During this time upper middle class fathers paid great attention to their daughters education. They were supposed to be well educated, cultured and refined to make good wives for (other) upper class men. They were especially well trained from young age in music, learning to play the piano and all kinds of other instruments. So with all this training one would assume there would be at least some *female Mozart* romping around somewhere, eh? Well forget it man. You see, the patriarchy again. Evil oppression made them feel unhaaapy and that’s why they couldn’t get things done. Simples.

At the same time the blacks in the US had just recently gotten out of slavery. You wouldn’t assume they got all that much education during that time now, would you? Yet *black men* developed Blues, Jazz etc. etc. How does that compare? How does that add up?

Any way one looks at the matter…claiming there are no differences between the sexes is plain and utter hogwash. I can provide at least 3 theories as to why women don’t invent things and men do (derived from observations and experiences with women).

  1. Women don’t invent stuff / start companies / create outstanding art because they *don’t have to*. Simply said, because women have the upper hand in sexual dynamics, because men compete with other men for access to womens’ fanny, women themselves do not have to compete. They get to chose the most successful male for mating after *he has demonstrated his supreme abilities*. Womens’ default posture is thus *reactive apathy*. Simultaneously, the fundamentals of female hypergamy dictate that men, on the other hand, are under *immense pressure* to be successful because they know – subconsciously – that the top of the male pyramid gets the most muff. *That* on a fundamental level might be their motivation to invent, get rich or write novels / paint pictures etc.
  2. Men’s curiosity is far more general than women’s. Simply said, you can talk to men about a great range of topics and most men will be *naturally curious*, and engage in a lively debate. But try to talk to women about technical stuff, history, economics, philosophy and all that. For the most part, their eyes glaze over, they phase out and lose themselves in total boredom. They are simply not interested. That, in any case, is my (subjective) experience after talking to women on many occasions in many different settings. To my knowledge, women’s range of interest is rather limited: gossip, sexuality/romance, psychology, wellness/beauty & astrology / esoterics. That’s about it. Of course these topics (minus astrology/esoterics) are all perfect *if your core interest is to maximize your power (sexuality) and your ability to manipulate men*. Conclusion: women do not invent things because they are a) too limited in their intellectual interests and b) too busy trying to scheme/manipulate men.
  3. Men are *natural truth seekers* while women are *natural deceivers of both others and themselves*. Reality oftentimes sucks. Looking in the mirror, looking issues in the eye is painful business. It has been my experience that women oftentimes prefer the comfortable lie to brutal honesty. Some men do this too (manginas?). But most men, in my experience, will thank you for honesty, even painful honesty. Obviously this ability also aids when the aim is to get to the bottom of things i.e. gain new insights.
Bottomline: Men and women are *N O T* the same. Most women will never be able to do what men do, nor should they. At the same time men cannot do (yet) what women can do: give birth. In more civilized times the differences between the sexes were accepted, even celebrated. Suffice to say…during these times men and women complemented each other, like Yin and Yang. *That* is how the cookie ultimately crumbled and still crumbles. That’s simply how things work. We are different and equality is impossible. It’s just not achievable, not feasible, an utter load of BS.
So women of the West: Get over yourselves, stop following the Captain Ahabs of Feminism. Stop allowing these mindless zealots to destroy and corrupt your femininity. Embrace being female! Accept what you are. Only then can you be happy once more and we together can rebuild the crumbling foundations of Western civilization. I hope it won’t be too late when you finally come to your senses.
*I at first wanted to use the wikipedia article regarding tampons, only to discover to my dismay that someone has recently been tampering with it and distorting facts. Please refer to this old entry (08.10.2011) where the *man* (Dr. Earle Haas) who filed for patent in 1931 is still mentioned. Notice also the most recent wikipedia entry where – miraculously – the reference to Dr. Haas *has been removed* and it now states “It is documented that gynecologist Dr. Judith Esser-Mittag (i.e a woman) developed, during her studies on the female anatomy, the digital design of tampon in the last 1940s.” Just plain out disgusting falsification of history.

Feminism’s Stalingrad: The Male Contraceptive Pill

In our wonderful and progressive western societies nowhere has Feminism’s “equality” been more profound than in the sphere of reproductive rights. Here feminist “equality” effectively means that one side, the woman, has all the rights while the other, the man, has all the duties.

But for clarity’s sake let’s go through this nice and easy, step by step: A man and a woman have unprotected intercourse. Both parties are consenting of their free will. One party (the woman) afterwards becomes pregnant. She at this point has a plethora of rights. She can a) have an abortion and the man has no voice in the matter whatsoever . Or she can decide b) it’s baby time and elect to carry the child to term (and the man has, you guessed it, no voice in the matter whatsoever either).

At the same time the man is expected to *not judge* the poor, poor woman if she decides to murder abort *his* baby. And if she decides to carry it to term he is expected to *man up* and pay child support, again without any say of his whatsoever.

Does this sound fair to you? Equal? Just?

By any sane standard it is in no way just. It’s just one further doublestandard in an ocean of (misandrist) doublestandards. However, I do not expect the (feminist biased) courts to allow more balanced laws to be passed any time soon. So what is to be done? Despair? The bottle? The bullet? Not by a long shot!

Brothers, we are on the verge of a massive, immense paradigm shift. And once it takes hold it will fundamentally alter the very fabric of our societies. Truly it will be a revolution in its own right. I am talking of the incumbent development of a male contraceptive pill.

As MSNBC writes:

Over the past 5 years, researchers around the world have had a great deal of success with male contraceptive pills, patches, implants and creams that deliver various amounts of hormones. It is now believed that an MHC in the form of a daily pill could be available on the market within 5 to 7 years and implants could arrive even sooner.

Radical, second wave Feminism was only possible because of the (female) contraceptive pill first introduced in the 1960s combined with unconditional abortion rights. In consequence, women gained hitherto unequaled control over reproduction. Ever since they alone have controlled when a child was conceived and whose child was carried to term. Men – for the most part – have had absolutely no say in the matter. “My body – my choice”, remember?

Well now it is our turn. “My body – my choice” will come back out of the woodwork of history and bite the fembots in their gouty, saggy asses. And it will liberate men from sex-based servitude that, at present, hangs over them like a Damocles Sword, a potential life-sentence of nightmare just one ejaculation away. Because with contemporary anti-male legislation, all a woman has to do is “forget” to take the pill, become pregnant and then rake in the wonga from her newly enlisted pack mule / ATM machine. It’s disgusting, it’s vile but we all know it is happening throughout the West.

The pill for men will change all this. Imagine, a world where *you* have full reproductive control. Regardless of what devious sex schemes your hysterical shrew beloved cutie-pie formulates you are safe because you cannot be made to impregnate someone against your will. So no more copouts for empowered tired career grrrls. No more gravy for out of control welfare queens.

Just sweet, sweet equality for all!

Hark my words, brothers: We have taken many beatings in recent decades. We are like the Red Army in 1942, bloodied, in pain yet standing firm, digging in and fighting tenaciously. And Feminism’s high water mark is nigh! The male contraceptive pill will prove to be Feminism’s Stalingrad. It will be their first major defeat and shift power and initiative back to men. And even though the struggle afterwards will be vicious, bloody and intense and our sacrifices and suffering great…ultimately we will fight tooth and nail and blast the feminist fiends all the way back to their “Berlin”!

Further reading: Muffington Post, New York Beta Times, Wikipedia

Dealing With Slut Marches: The Grand, Majestic Douchebag Parade

One fine day a few months back as I was out shopping for groceries I was suddenly arrested by a most god-awful sight: Out of nowhere swarms of sweaty, screeching & underclothed land-whales had invaded my presence. Armed with megaphones, bad makeup and thongs several sizes too small they were all around me screaming something about ‘how their “beautiful” bodies were not an invitation’ and ‘hands off’ etc.

I felt relieved and all too glad to oblige. For a moment there I had been in serious fear. Some of the more robust lasses had given me aggressively “seductive” glances while passing by. As a bloke I felt dirty, objectified, almost raped. Like a sex object, I could sense the hunger that emanated from the great writhing herd of harridans charming ladies.

“beautiful” ladies demonstrating for their rights to dress like sluts

Later as the stampede of shelephants had faded, I was left stunned, wildly gyrating and musing about what had just transpired. At first I could make neither heads nor tail of it. Later, after reading up on the topic, it slowly dawned to me that this bizarre event had been a demonstration for womens’ rights to dress like sluts – anywhere and any time – and be excused of all consequences of doing same. It was evident to me that women, logic and accountability were an oxymoron in themselves. Still, the absurdity of it all made it difficult to comprehend for me. For a while I convinced myself it had all been some strange and twisted, surreal dream.

However, after dwelling on matters further it finally became apparent to me that this madness was real. And then, finally, I was inspired: How better to combat hypocritical tarts and their crimes against aesthetics slut marches than to bring douchebags into the equation? After all douchebags are to sluts what flies are to shit: Wherever the one is, the other is not far. Definite symbiosis, Jin-Yang dynamics’ mandated attraction. Everybody knows sluts dig jerks. Everybody also knows jerks like nothing more than to plow the muff of any and all sluts they can find. Why not utilize this fundamental dynamic?

Man’s last hope

Imagine a concerted effort of some few cunning men. They find out when and where the next slut march is to take place. They pass on the info to all douchebags, jerks, a-holes, tossers and twats in the general area. These superb specimens of masculinity then gather in vicinity of the incumbent slut march, organize themselves and then engage in a counter demonstration (i.e. the grand, majestic douchebag parade).

What, then, will happen when swarms of bleating, mindless sluts meet hordes of swarthy, breying shmucks? In all likelihood a mass orgy. Thus the feminazi sluts’ message would be directly shot down, the problem nullified, the pussy pounded, the douchebag rewarded.

I call that a Win-Win.

All’s well that end’s well

Source & Inspiration: hotchickswithdouchebags.com

Marriage Strike – How Western Men Are Turning Their Backs on Matrimony

I wasn’t sure how long it would take for the more venomous aspects of rabid gender feminism to exert a direct, tangible effect on men and their individual life choices (especially regarding their sexuality). However, I have the feeling a ‘boiling point’ has now been reached. As Physics teaches us every action causes an appropriate reaction. And now, after literally 4 decades of hatred towards men, of doublestandards, hypocrity, sexism, misandry and bigotry most aspects of western mens’ lifes have become profoundly poisoned and problematic. In effect, Men in their entirety have been labeled “oppressors” while women have been systematically victimised.

And this generalised, sexist stigmatisation of men manifests itself nowhere more profoundly than in the institution of marriage. So warped and biased have family courts become that at this sad point in time women have literally *all* the rights whereas men have *all* the responsibilities. In divorce proceedings women are overwhelmingly awarded child custody, regardless of individual suitability as parent. In many cases, women have divorced men simply out of boredom, malice or spite and in the process men have been forced out of their homes by their petty, neurotic honeybuns who seized it all: assets, children, house…you name it she took it.

As might not be all that surprising men have been traumatised and devastated by all this, torn out of their old lifes, identities and certainties they were in many cases even denied reasonable visitation rights to their own children and in effect financially bled white (due to having to support their ex-wives). To the fact, it would appear a sufficient enough amount of horrorstories have circulated in the past decade(s) to ensure that recently a new trend has been gathering increasing momentum (in the US, UK and Western Europe).

Essentially, western men are starting to go on marriage strike. In increasing numbers they are simply opting out. They know there is a significant chance their bride will take them to the cleaners at some point. They are aware that if *she* files for divorce at any time *he* for all intent and purpose becomes *her* indentured servant. Thus seeing modern “marriage” as the anti-male scam that it is they’re increasingly electing to remain single, or to form noncommital relationships with women (with or without cohabitation). Thus, classical marriage is dying out fast. And I find this deeply ironic because – gender feminists’ abominable claims to the contrary – the institution of marriage is a concept that is deeply appealing to women as a vehicle of controlling men (women have *in all times* been the net recipient of marital wealth transfers).

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a western woman your wife

Moreover, not only are western men not marrying western women they are also increasingly pursuing their romantic interests in other countries of the world (with other women). In a nutshell, the product ‘western woman’ is increasingly pricing itself out of the global market. Western women are seen as too high maintenance, too self-centered and stressful, oftentimes spiteful and vindictive as well as whoefully lacking in femininity and generally not worth the trouble (exceptions prove the rule). And they compare particularily badly to women of Asia, South America, and Russia. It’s simply a question of elegance, dignity, femininity, warmheartedness and grace. And badly shellshocked men are rapidly learning that not every woman is neccessarily a fiendish ‘dragon’, that there are still sweet gems on this here planet in comparison to which sour grapes taste, uhm well, surprisingly sour.

In conclusion I would say we are facing an entire new dimension of intergender alienation. Maybe the point of no return has now been passed. Maybe we are damaged beyond repair. Maybe both sexes are irrevocably launched on altgoether different trajectories. Regardless, western women have cause to feel alarmed. If they don’t wake up and start liberating themselves from the culturmarxist ideology that is gender feminism, if they don’t paradigm shift, give western men a break and change the way they treat them I believe they will find it increasingly difficult to find men willing to risk marriage and longterm commitment. They’ll also find to their discomfort that it is very difficult to convince males they are ‘oppressing’ women, if all the men are doing is fleeing the hell away from them.

All women of the West face a conscious choice. They can continue with the misguided and manhating ideology that is gender feminism and continue to push men away until an entirely dead state of hysterical ‘gender apartheid’ exists and men will bail en masse…or they can emancipate themselves from emancipation. That is my personal hope. And a start would be for women (and their male poodles) to cease blindly and unreflectedly believing in feminism like it was some religion and start using their intellect to question and discuss with an open mind the theories and merits (or lack thereof) of this whimsical ideology.

I say all this because I am convinced Gender-Stalinists like Germaine Greer and Simone de Beauvoir have kidnapped women, and twisted and perverted them to fit their own nefarious agenda. They label themselves as ‘women’s rights activists’ yet seek to destroy femininity itself – one woman at a time. They are trying transform women – by compulsive force – into vulgar imitations of the crasser kind of man. It’s ‘Doublethink’. It’s 1984. Claim to pursue one goal while in reality working towards the exact opposite. At the same time, as men and women are *not* identical (even if they are equal) this enterprise is inherently doomed to failure. Hence feminism with its socially constructed gender assumption is both fatally flawed intellectually as well as deeply disruptive wherever it gains traction. And its protagonists are *not* trying to create an equal society but rather pursue a ‘female supremacist’ femi-nazistic ambition. They are *no more* on the side of women than they are on that of men.

Hark my words, as integral part of the great cultural-marxist infection Second Wave – Feminism (post 1968) is dangerous, totalitarian hogwash. It has undermined and corroded *every* single country it has gained hold of. And as long as it persists the sexes will just go on growing ever further apart. As for us, we can continue down this slippery slope towards suizidal cultural genocide (no more procreation) or we can attempt to start digging ourselves out of our grand cesspit. In which case the only way forward is backwards.

For me, personally, it will be fascinating to see if Western women will see through this delusion. I’m not saying I’m optimistic. But I am keeping my fingers crossed…

P.s. : Finally, most esteemed ladies, I invite you to dwell on the fact that in this world everything comes with a price. Life might seem like one big party now but will you be smilling when the bill comes, I wonder? And if you end up alone and childless as a bitter old hag (post 50) with only cats to give you company please bear in mind that it was feminism and ultimately your own unreasonable sense of entitlement that made it impossible for you (and men) to form meaningful, lasting relationships.

For further reading on the ‘Marriage Strike’: