Marriage Strike – How Western Men Are Turning Their Backs on Matrimony

I wasn’t sure how long it would take for the more venomous aspects of rabid gender feminism to exert a direct, tangible effect on men and their individual life choices (especially regarding their sexuality). However, I have the feeling a ‘boiling point’ has now been reached. As Physics teaches us every action causes an appropriate reaction. And now, after literally 4 decades of hatred towards men, of doublestandards, hypocrity, sexism, misandry and bigotry most aspects of western mens’ lifes have become profoundly poisoned and problematic. In effect, Men in their entirety have been labeled “oppressors” while women have been systematically victimised.

And this generalised, sexist stigmatisation of men manifests itself nowhere more profoundly than in the institution of marriage. So warped and biased have family courts become that at this sad point in time women have literally *all* the rights whereas men have *all* the responsibilities. In divorce proceedings women are overwhelmingly awarded child custody, regardless of individual suitability as parent. In many cases, women have divorced men simply out of boredom, malice or spite and in the process men have been forced out of their homes by their petty, neurotic honeybuns who seized it all: assets, children, house…you name it she took it.

As might not be all that surprising men have been traumatised and devastated by all this, torn out of their old lifes, identities and certainties they were in many cases even denied reasonable visitation rights to their own children and in effect financially bled white (due to having to support their ex-wives). To the fact, it would appear a sufficient enough amount of horrorstories have circulated in the past decade(s) to ensure that recently a new trend has been gathering increasing momentum (in the US, UK and Western Europe).

Essentially, western men are starting to go on marriage strike. In increasing numbers they are simply opting out. They know there is a significant chance their bride will take them to the cleaners at some point. They are aware that if *she* files for divorce at any time *he* for all intent and purpose becomes *her* indentured servant. Thus seeing modern “marriage” as the anti-male scam that it is they’re increasingly electing to remain single, or to form noncommital relationships with women (with or without cohabitation). Thus, classical marriage is dying out fast. And I find this deeply ironic because – gender feminists’ abominable claims to the contrary – the institution of marriage is a concept that is deeply appealing to women as a vehicle of controlling men (women have *in all times* been the net recipient of marital wealth transfers).

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a western woman your wife

Moreover, not only are western men not marrying western women they are also increasingly pursuing their romantic interests in other countries of the world (with other women). In a nutshell, the product ‘western woman’ is increasingly pricing itself out of the global market. Western women are seen as too high maintenance, too self-centered and stressful, oftentimes spiteful and vindictive as well as whoefully lacking in femininity and generally not worth the trouble (exceptions prove the rule). And they compare particularily badly to women of Asia, South America, and Russia. It’s simply a question of elegance, dignity, femininity, warmheartedness and grace. And badly shellshocked men are rapidly learning that not every woman is neccessarily a fiendish ‘dragon’, that there are still sweet gems on this here planet in comparison to which sour grapes taste, uhm well, surprisingly sour.

In conclusion I would say we are facing an entire new dimension of intergender alienation. Maybe the point of no return has now been passed. Maybe we are damaged beyond repair. Maybe both sexes are irrevocably launched on altgoether different trajectories. Regardless, western women have cause to feel alarmed. If they don’t wake up and start liberating themselves from the culturmarxist ideology that is gender feminism, if they don’t paradigm shift, give western men a break and change the way they treat them I believe they will find it increasingly difficult to find men willing to risk marriage and longterm commitment. They’ll also find to their discomfort that it is very difficult to convince males they are ‘oppressing’ women, if all the men are doing is fleeing the hell away from them.

All women of the West face a conscious choice. They can continue with the misguided and manhating ideology that is gender feminism and continue to push men away until an entirely dead state of hysterical ‘gender apartheid’ exists and men will bail en masse…or they can emancipate themselves from emancipation. That is my personal hope. And a start would be for women (and their male poodles) to cease blindly and unreflectedly believing in feminism like it was some religion and start using their intellect to question and discuss with an open mind the theories and merits (or lack thereof) of this whimsical ideology.

I say all this because I am convinced Gender-Stalinists like Germaine Greer and Simone de Beauvoir have kidnapped women, and twisted and perverted them to fit their own nefarious agenda. They label themselves as ‘women’s rights activists’ yet seek to destroy femininity itself – one woman at a time. They are trying transform women – by compulsive force – into vulgar imitations of the crasser kind of man. It’s ‘Doublethink’. It’s 1984. Claim to pursue one goal while in reality working towards the exact opposite. At the same time, as men and women are *not* identical (even if they are equal) this enterprise is inherently doomed to failure. Hence feminism with its socially constructed gender assumption is both fatally flawed intellectually as well as deeply disruptive wherever it gains traction. And its protagonists are *not* trying to create an equal society but rather pursue a ‘female supremacist’ femi-nazistic ambition. They are *no more* on the side of women than they are on that of men.

Hark my words, as integral part of the great cultural-marxist infection Second Wave – Feminism (post 1968) is dangerous, totalitarian hogwash. It has undermined and corroded *every* single country it has gained hold of. And as long as it persists the sexes will just go on growing ever further apart. As for us, we can continue down this slippery slope towards suizidal cultural genocide (no more procreation) or we can attempt to start digging ourselves out of our grand cesspit. In which case the only way forward is backwards.

For me, personally, it will be fascinating to see if Western women will see through this delusion. I’m not saying I’m optimistic. But I am keeping my fingers crossed…

P.s. : Finally, most esteemed ladies, I invite you to dwell on the fact that in this world everything comes with a price. Life might seem like one big party now but will you be smilling when the bill comes, I wonder? And if you end up alone and childless as a bitter old hag (post 50) with only cats to give you company please bear in mind that it was feminism and ultimately your own unreasonable sense of entitlement that made it impossible for you (and men) to form meaningful, lasting relationships.

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15 comments on “Marriage Strike – How Western Men Are Turning Their Backs on Matrimony

  1. ron murray says:

    I don’t think the genie will ever be put back in the bottle.

  2. At age 33, I’ve gained a whole new perspective. Google the word: Hypergamy. Bottom line, EVERYBODY is misrerable. Women have their sights set way to high and a lot of men have just given up and have retired to porn and video games. Men should step it up a few notches with some self help and women should bring it down a few and realize that before Channing Tatum was a movie star, he too was an average joe. But with POTENTIAL.

  3. I sincerely believe that Western Womyn have reached the point that they would rather live alone as childless, unmarried, dried-up spinsters with 20 cats, than to EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER admit that they were wrong and have persecuted two entire generations of men to the point that they would rather GTOW than to chance interacting with the deluded, psychotic harpies that infest modern society.

    For men, the only winning move is to refuse to play.
    Which is why MGTOW continues to thrive.

  4. At this point homosexuals can have it. They are the only ones capable of getting a fair deal between joining and even after divorce. When the state sponsors something it becomes legal. Legal marriage is binding contract in which there are no legal reasons for men to get married. Its all sacrifice for us. By pursuing marriage we are working towards the possibility of more suffering. It make no sense to do that. That’s like paying your boss to work at his or her company.

    • Mark says:


      “”At this point homosexuals can have it.””

      I agree! I am not gay but have considered the Ultimate MGTOWS to be the gays.They avoid women…PERIOD! Where I live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada gay marriage is legal….and a large gay population.There is no bigger slap in the face to a woman than seeing two men getting married….and she can’t even get a date?……Lmao! I think it looks great on the Wimminz….and it will get worse before it gets better!

  5. I forgot to add that I really wish articles like this one, trying to inform people that something should be done about this, didn’t exist. Let it die. Most of us who opted out do not even want traditional marriage to come back. Its an out dated concept. Just fix the fathers rights situation or birth rates will begin to suffer as more men begin to realize that having children is just about as bad as getting married.

  6. Asian says:

    I think Asian women are stunning. Each Asian woman is different. Asian women seeking Western men is popular in this modern era.

  7. greywolf 68 says:

    More and more men are going their own way every year and women in the West can’t understand why…. well let me spell it out for you… You Feminists have spent the last four decades calling us all bastards, rapists and scumbags and treating us as nothing more than cashpoints and cannon fodder and you still don’t understand why we’re avoiding you. Why would any decent man with an ounce of self respect want to spend his life with a disrespectful ungrateful abuser ?? I don’t and that’s why I’ve gone my own way. MGTOW = FREEDOM and no woman can compete with that!!!!

  8. Mike says:

    Things are just as bad in the U.K the MRM has done some crazy stunts just to get noticed.
    My idea of a women is not some drunken slut you see in every town centre on a Friday/Saturday night.
    I am hoping to Eastern Europe, or to South America, like our American Cousins…..We can’t stand our women either.

  9. Hank Murphy says:

    The future is now being seen in Japan. Men are simply “not into women” anymore. More and more men are tired of misandry and have quit women. I’m one of them. I like being single, I like not having to live a life of apology for committing the crime of being male. I have to live with being treated like a second class person in the world, to have masculinity=evil in the media, but at least I can escape it in my home.

  10. scott warwick says:

    western women are whores,lie,steal,cheat,alcoholic,arrogant,uneducated and lazy drug addicts with no morals…..why would I….or any other man want that?

  11. Tiger Eye says:

    Amen to that.

    This post sums up a lot of what I have felt over the past ten years of dealing with maniacal occidental females. They are far to vengeful to be dealt with. You can’t negotiate with someone who is unwilling to compromise. Marriage is a trap if you don’t file for a prenuptial agreement. Even then, who knows. The laws are so far on the side of the woman that it is best not to risk it.

    On a side note, dating women from other countries is invigorating. I have done it and it is the best option an unapologetic male has today. Women from the Philippines are very smart and they have family values. Some are very cute as well. Still, find the kind of woman you like most of all. Beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. I am not saying they are better, but my woman makes me feel like a real man and allows me to be totally dominant. She asks for nothing and that makes me want to give her everything. I can’t say all Filipinas are like that, but I will say that another Filipina woman I was just talking to sent me a birthday present without me having ever sent her anything in my life. She’s American, her parents are from the Philippines. I think if you are serious you will look for women here first. Good luck, y’all.

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