Feminism’s Stalingrad: The Male Contraceptive Pill

In our wonderful and progressive western societies nowhere has Feminism’s “equality” been more profound than in the sphere of reproductive rights. Here feminist “equality” effectively means that one side, the woman, has all the rights while the other, the man, has all the duties.

But for clarity’s sake let’s go through this nice and easy, step by step: A man and a woman have unprotected intercourse. Both parties are consenting of their free will. One party (the woman) afterwards becomes pregnant. She at this point has a plethora of rights. She can a) have an abortion and the man has no voice in the matter whatsoever . Or she can decide b) it’s baby time and elect to carry the child to term (and the man has, you guessed it, no voice in the matter whatsoever either).

At the same time the man is expected to *not judge* the poor, poor woman if she decides to murder abort *his* baby. And if she decides to carry it to term he is expected to *man up* and pay child support, again without any say of his whatsoever.

Does this sound fair to you? Equal? Just?

By any sane standard it is in no way just. It’s just one further doublestandard in an ocean of (misandrist) doublestandards. However, I do not expect the (feminist biased) courts to allow more balanced laws to be passed any time soon. So what is to be done? Despair? The bottle? The bullet? Not by a long shot!

Brothers, we are on the verge of a massive, immense paradigm shift. And once it takes hold it will fundamentally alter the very fabric of our societies. Truly it will be a revolution in its own right. I am talking of the incumbent development of a male contraceptive pill.

As MSNBC writes:

Over the past 5 years, researchers around the world have had a great deal of success with male contraceptive pills, patches, implants and creams that deliver various amounts of hormones. It is now believed that an MHC in the form of a daily pill could be available on the market within 5 to 7 years and implants could arrive even sooner.

Radical, second wave Feminism was only possible because of the (female) contraceptive pill first introduced in the 1960s combined with unconditional abortion rights. In consequence, women gained hitherto unequaled control over reproduction. Ever since they alone have controlled when a child was conceived and whose child was carried to term. Men – for the most part – have had absolutely no say in the matter. “My body – my choice”, remember?

Well now it is our turn. “My body – my choice” will come back out of the woodwork of history and bite the fembots in their gouty, saggy asses. And it will liberate men from sex-based servitude that, at present, hangs over them like a Damocles Sword, a potential life-sentence of nightmare just one ejaculation away. Because with contemporary anti-male legislation, all a woman has to do is “forget” to take the pill, become pregnant and then rake in the wonga from her newly enlisted pack mule / ATM machine. It’s disgusting, it’s vile but we all know it is happening throughout the West.

The pill for men will change all this. Imagine, a world where *you* have full reproductive control. Regardless of what devious sex schemes your hysterical shrew beloved cutie-pie formulates you are safe because you cannot be made to impregnate someone against your will. So no more copouts for empowered tired career grrrls. No more gravy for out of control welfare queens.

Just sweet, sweet equality for all!

Hark my words, brothers: We have taken many beatings in recent decades. We are like the Red Army in 1942, bloodied, in pain yet standing firm, digging in and fighting tenaciously. And Feminism’s high water mark is nigh! The male contraceptive pill will prove to be Feminism’s Stalingrad. It will be their first major defeat and shift power and initiative back to men. And even though the struggle afterwards will be vicious, bloody and intense and our sacrifices and suffering great…ultimately we will fight tooth and nail and blast the feminist fiends all the way back to their “Berlin”!

Further reading: Muffington Post, New York Beta Times, Wikipedia


16 comments on “Feminism’s Stalingrad: The Male Contraceptive Pill

  1. j24601 says:

    But please, on the march to our ‘Berlin’, remember the words of one of history’s greatest men…

    “In War: Resolution. In Defeat: Defiance. In Victory: Magnanimity. In Peace: Goodwill.” Winston Churchill.

    • umslopogaas says:

      But please, on the march to our ‘Berlin’, remember the words of one of history’s greatest men…

      “In War: Resolution. In Defeat: Defiance. In Victory: Magnanimity. In Peace: Goodwill.” Winston Churchill.

      That’s a pretty neat saying by Churchill. I for one can wholheartedly subscribe to it.
      But then…truly it is not a question of what I will do so much as what men *in general* will do. I picked the Berlin analogy because I am convinced this entire sorry business (Feminism and misandry) won’t be dealt with in any sane or civilized manner.

      No sir…I fear it will all end in pain and fire, just like Berlin.

  2. YaBoymatt says:

    Are you happy with the world you created ladies? All these good men you wished would come into your life now consider you the enemy on the same level as nazis, have rejected women forever. Was this the world your girl power beliefs wanted?

    A cold bed for a generation of women, a lifetime of toil, this is the only accomplishment you have, not even a child to teach, only annihilation.

    I’m enjoying your decline anyway.

    • umslopogaas says:

      “A cold bed for a generation of women, a lifetime of toil, this is the only accomplishment you have, not even a child to teach, only annihilation.”

      Indeed, and in a sense this generation of lonely shrews raising cats is neccessary. They will spend the last 30-40 years of their lives (after having become unable to conceive a child) whining and complaining about their fate, blaming men, other women, anybody else but them.

      However, other (younger) women will then hopefully learn from their experience and women’s herd intelligence will then compel them to reverse course, marry younger and treat men better.

      That, in any case, is my hope.

  3. Omega_Dork says:

    What’s wrong with reversible vasectomies, which are available right now?

    Anyway, much more devastating for women will be the development of a really life-like female android.

    • umslopogaas says:

      “What’s wrong with reversible vasectomies, which are available right now?”

      Well, not every man is comfortable with such a radical measure. I for one wouldn’t be ok with any doctor fumbling around my private parts, regardless of how much they claim this procedure to be reversible.

      “Anyway, much more devastating for women will be the development of a really life-like female android.”

      Ah yes the famed sex bots. I agree they will have a massive impact as well in that they will significantly reduce male (sexual) demand for women (thus putting pressure on women and changing the sexual market place in mens’ favour.

      In truth these dynamics will all come together to create the perfect storm for all those empowered grrrrrls in the West. The male contraceptive pill + sex bots + cyber sex tech + MGTOW + the marriage strike will – combined – hit Feminism in the face like a thermonuclear bomb.

      The Fifth Horeseman writes about this dynamic in his excellent essay “The Misandry Bubble”.

      • Xaero says:

        Also don’t forget the possibility of chemical anaphrodisiacs. This is the breakthrough that I personally await most impatiently.

      • umslopogaas says:


        Chemical anaphrodisiacs as in medication that reduces male sexual desire?

        Very interesting. I hadn’t even thought of that. Many thanks for the update. Do you have any info regarding this?

  4. greyghost says:

    The bottom line is individual men will decide which individual woman gets to be a mother.
    Think of how different things would be in just the town or city each of us lives in. From the high school star athelete to the artistic guy with social skills getting out of highschool with out having to take the unskilled job to pay child support. All of the college men that had to start working to “man -up”. The number of professional athletes that are paying child support is amazing.
    That doesn’t happen. A lot of people will see it as a tooll for the PUA to runn wild on ythe cock carousel but it is the honest beta the really needs the power to control his fertility. These are the guys that get cuckolded,married for a few years and divorced, or have stay at home wives that have the woops baby that is tens years younger than the next youngest kid. They tend to be the carousel riders exit pass.

    • umslopogaas says:

      Indeed. It will create incentives for women to behave better than they have thus far, because they have no choice. Either they treat their man with respect and take care of him…potentially after years of investment earning a shot at reproduction or they will be reduced to pointlessly (and fruitlessly) riding the cock carousel to all eternity.

      Conversely, it will provide men with a tool to discipline women (which they are in dire need of). Women bitching and acting like princesses will just lead to men literally swalling red pills and denying them babies for years to come. Eventually said women will have to dial back the (shrew) act and provide incentives for men…to magnamously allow them the great wonder of procreation.

      Ah…it will be a far, far better world for us, brothers.

  5. I cant believe how many videos and parodies sprawled from this xD In other comments dayum she has a body

  6. Ulick McGee says:

    The majority of converts to Islam in the U.K. are white Christian women. I believe that this is a response to the brutal sexual market free-for-all that takes place in the mostly godless, mostly urban U.K. today. Islam protects older/uglier women from having to compete with younger/more sexually desirable women. It also gives the hamster a beautiful rationalisation for a lifestyle that many women will find satisfying, sexually and otherwise. If men are superior and women must obey their husbands then all women get to have an alpha husband.

    It is plausible that a large percentage of women will react to male contraception and more importantly, sexbots, by embracing Islam, pushing for Sharia and trying to outlaw such things. Prohibition again. The religion is irrelevant and is just used by the hamster to justify anything that will achieve the women’s basic subconscious driving force, the need to have a child and keep it safe until it grows to sexual maturity. Contraception and sexbot tech stands in the way and will be fought very aggressively. It is literally a life or death fight for a woman’s genes.

  7. umslopogaas says:


    Gawd, this is a brilliant albeit depressing comment. And it makes total sense. Never mind the fact that it was women themselves who psychologically castrated men, never mind it was women who created this brutal sexual market place in the first place.

    Cause and effect, it continues to elude them.

    Anyways, now that they are beginning to feel the pain they’ll want out, aye. Islam satisfies that desire…as well as female’s innate instinct for submission & hypergamy. If it weren’t so terrifying it would actually be amusing: women revolting against patriarchy and then craving for a system that is truly oppressive (which patriarchy wasn’t).

    Bottomline: unrestrained women tend to wreck havoc in any civilisation and slowly but surely destroy it wholesale.

  8. DEN1 says:

    I do not believe a male pill will never come to fruition. The State has a vested interest (future workers, tax-payers to keep the current bloated system of entitlements going) to see that such a pill never makes it to market. And if, by some slim chance, a male pill does make it to market it will be met with the most massive mis-information campaign ever mounted. The mis-information campaign would be centered around men’s fears(permanent infertility, cancer, erectile dysfunction, et.al). You get the picture.

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