Achtung! Seien Sie Ein Mann: ‘Man Up’ Epidemic Reaches Germany

Brothers, it is official: The endemic ‘Man Up’ epidemic has reached Germany. Recently, while perusing a German magazine (der Spiegel) I found this nasty piece of whining writing. It starts in the tried and true fashion of bewailing the marked absence of manliness in contemporary German men. Too many sensitive and empathic ‘nice guys’ are creeping out the poor Frauleins, who – the author goes on the write – crave some good old caveman machismo. So hello there. Never mind it was Feminists and women by and large who created this new specimen of man in the first place. That was then, this is now. And now German Hausfraus are increasingly not haaaaaaaaapy. Cause and effect be damned.

As two grrrrl empowered wimminz (one journalist and one PR advisor) condescendingly share over a few glasses of wine:

Sie sind wie Peter Pan, der Junge von der Insel Nimmerland, der nie erwachsen wurde. Und wie verkorkste Peter Pans wollen die jungen Männer bis ans Lebensende an Bars lehnen, durch Clubs ziehen und mit ihrem Kumpel Frauen gucken, die sie aber nur ansprechen, wenn sie selbst betrunken sind. Der junge Mann ist vom Hai zum Aal degeneriert. Binden will er sich nicht.”

They are like Peter Pan, the boy from Never-Never-Land who never grew up. And just like excentric Peter Pans these joung men want to hit bars till with their pals till the end of their lives. They only want to look at women, but are scared to approach them while still sober. Thus the contemporary man has degenerated from shark to eel and does not want to commit.”

Heh. Does this sound familiar to you? Her majesty, Kay Hymen-Witch herself…couldn’t have phrased it better. Hell, she prolly would have had a spontaneous orgasm reading this stuff. Maybe they flew her over to Europe to screetch preach some good old ‘Man Up’ mantras? Anyways, my heart goes out to these poor, poooor wimminz who have such a hard life dealing with all those immature man children around them.

Luckily for all of us the article goes on to state that brave German Frauleins have stepped into the void and assumed command. As successful, empowered and confident dykes, harpies and succubae entrepreneurs, attorneys and designers they are leaving the men far behind. They are saving the world, society, dolphins and all else…even as those same pathetic men are devolving at breakneck speeds. Wow. It is all so very wunderbar, eh?

Well, things really are wunderbar. Everything is shiny and don’t you worry. That at least is what another truly outstanding cupcake named Silke Burmester writes in her disgusting rant “levelheaded” essay “Good Bye Hairy Beast“. Here she basically celebrates the present state of affairs and congratulates other wimminz for so successfully castrating domesticating “enlightening” men and creating a wonderful new order of harmonious gender relations with rainbows, unicorns, nice guy Princess Charmings and dumpily beautiful damsels.

She goes on the caution, however:

Gut, an manchen Stellen ist die Entwicklung über das Ziel hinausgeschossen – sicherlich hatte keine von Euch gewollt, dass ein Mann am Ende etwas ist, das in Röhrenhosen und mit Schlabbertuch in der Ecke der Bar steht, sich an seinem Grapefruit-Bier festhält und den Mund nicht aufbekommt. Aber das sind Schrauben, an denen kann man drehen, das lässt sich über die Feinjustierung hinbekommen.”

Alright, in some ways recent developments might have gone a bit too far – surely none of you (women) ever wanted weak boys standing in the corner of the bar with their grapefruit beer, scared to open their mouths. But no worries. These are screws that can be turned, we (women) can finetune matters further.”

Ugh. Notice both the disgustingly arrogant, even fascistic wording (Let’s drill those men some more, carrot and stick, that’s a good doggy) and also the obvious female imperative of her entire narrative (how can we make things even better for women & what is good for men is irelevant). It’s a complete dehumanisation and objectification of men. Good to know, then, that misandry is alive and well…in Germany.

Silke Burmesterpuke love at first sight?

So. My dear friends from the Anglosphere, rest easy. As of now you are definitely no longer alone in enduring the barrage of glaringly moronic whining by feminist fem-nuts, manginas and other P.C. niggerz. German men, too, are now at the front lines of the ‘Gender War’. And reading the comments’ section of both articles was truly heart warming for me. Because even without any real ‘Manosphere’ in Germany (yet) the gist of the comments were remarkably similar to those in the US: men telling these pathetic wimminz where to stuff it, men counselling each other not to marry and also many men speaking of going their own way (even though they do not yet even in all likelihood comprehend this as a conscious political statement).

Commenter ‘cosmosxy’ summed it all up in one eloquent and witty sentence:

Liebe Frauen: Ihr habt an Macht gewonnen aber an Einfluss verloren.”

Dear women: you have gained power but lost influence.”


Finally: Wimminz Agree To End Women’s Suffrage

Aight. It’s been a bloody hard slog, a rough’n tough time of intergender alienation all around. Ever since 1920 our poor, poor women cupcakes have ceaselessly endured the evil, oppressive responsibility that is accountability female suffrage. And so too have we, as men, suffered women’s suffrage. But despair ye not ye “damsels” in distress, ye jaded men under duress, salvation and a happy end are nigh.

For in a recently released, absolutely scientific study the average woman’s sentiments about this matter have been revealed beyond a shadow of doubt. But don’t just take my word for it, take theirs:

Feminists naturally disagree most vehemently with all of this and have come forth with a sinisterly yonic distopian response of their own *shiver*:

Yet relax brothers, all is shiny. NASA is presently working on a cure for feminism. See these fiendish feminists will be integrated into state of the art long range interstellar spaceships. By means of their supreme mental abilities (aka Beaver Hamster Gyration Einstein-Rosen-Bridge Scramblers) they will be able to distort and warp space time rationality and thus propel spaceships to hitherto unseen speeds. It is rumored this scientific breakthrough was achieved when a feminist delegation – visiting NASA – claimed space time and the universe itself were patriarchal structures and, anyways, sexist and that it was all not fair and making them unhaaaapy. Seemingly the combined power of their whining and shrill caterwhauling ripped a hole into the fabric of space time, retroactively creating cascading definition loops, the Big Bang and God (TM).

Scientists at NASA have presently not yet found a way to reverse the Hamster Drive. Yet experts overwhelmingly agree that reversion is not neccessary. For the purpose of exploring space one way trips are entirely sufficient. So the countdown for launching feminists into deep space has already begun. In the mean time space monkeys, everywhere on Earth, have been freed and awarded PhDs in Women’s Studies.

So. They are doing their part. But are you doing yours? If you desire the return of sanity, harmony, rationality and sexuality to Planet Earth do Man-kind a favour and launch a feminist into space…today.

Missing in Action: The Lost Boys of the Sexual Revolution

Here’s the deal: recently, while browsing through an article at HUS I read several comments by Mike who was writing about his traumatic experiences in adolescence vis a vis women. I was angered by the general lack of empathy shown by the (mostly) female audience there. I consequently wrote a somewhat snarky comment about this abysmal state of affairs and also voiced my compassion with Mike. Her majesty (H.M.S.) Susan Walsh responded by promptly deleting my comment because of its “counterproductive, critical tone”.

Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all the female-solipsistic imperative remains strong and vigorous even in supposedly male-friendly websites like HUS. So. Only female suffering is relevant. Only female matters matter. And men, in turn, matter only insofar as they are of use to women. Mrs Walsh can deny it all she wants but I – just like many others in the ‘manosphere’ – have become sceptical of her agenda and goal. Thus, I see my blog as a respite for men, a place where their grievances and concerns can be adressed, analyzed and discussed…in the hopes of finding remedies. Enough said. I dedicate the following article to Mike and wish him godspeed and the best of luck in his life.

Of the great many miseries and suffering Feminism has brought the West nothing, imo, can compare to the systematic psychological neutering of men and demonisation of masculinity itself. Not just because of the cruel, fascistic inhumanity of fiddling with and ‘engineering’ an entire sex but, more importantly, because of its diastrous consequences. Whereas since time immemorial men had had a clearcut set of ethics, behaviors and morals they could follow, they now had nothing, no compass, no direction. Their consciousness brainwashed and literally blankslated by massive educational and societal conditioning, they opted for the (seemingly) logical thing and desperately attempted to conform to Feminism’s comandments of “equality“, “respecting women” “male” “touchy-feely empathy, domestication “pacifism/passivism“…and all the other hogwash. In short…the Nice Guy was born. No strike that. The Nice Guy was systematically engineered, molded and crushed into being by Feminism.

Imagine: entire generations of men in the West wholly emasculated, being taught in school, family and general society to reject their own sex, to loathe their own self…because it is wrong to be male. Aggressiveness and competitiveness was whipped out of them while being obsequious, smarmy and uncritical was deemed correct behavior. With carrots and sticks Pawlovian, feminist gender stalinists thus wilfully dealt out critical blows to men’s self esteem and sense of identity. Man was passé. In the ‘New Girl Order‘ men were verboten and only drones allowed. And any boy who was too masculine needed a hefty dose of Ritalin to get this harmful, patriarchal maleness out of his system. In the West, boyhood was a raw deal from the getgo. But far, far worse was adolescense.

Gentle, dreamy eyed puppies grew into troubled nice guy romantics. They had ingested so much shmaltzy “equality” B.S. it was oozing right out of their ears. Gender was just a social construct, after all. There were no differences between the sexes. If we just respect and love each other everything will be right. Kumbajah, right? Yeah sure. Only a slight problem: things didn’t seem to work out with the girls, at all. Treating girls with respect, giving them all the adoration and pedestalization Feminists had claimed they wanted was getting them nowhere. Time and again nice guys were abused as emotional tampons, as shoulders to cry on and then carelessly discarded with a flippant ‘let’s just be friends‘. These same girls would then later on hop right back on the cock carousel and hook up with cavemen douchebags, total jerks…the *exact* aggressive, patriarchal males Feminists were always bleating about as being, bad, baaaaaad, baaaaaaaaaad.

So what did these nice guys do? What could they do? For the most part, they soldiered on grimly, tried to convince themselves that everything was fine, that ‘true love‘ was just one step away, beyond the horizon, sure to come, just have faith. They fought on for years. The kept dreaming, fantasizing, making the same mistakes. They kept doubling down and executing their (feminist) programming only to get the same results and, increasingly, *does not compute* bluescreens in their heads. With every year and every experience…came fresh emotional wounds, fresh traumata, new horrors, selfdoubt, nightmares.

At this stage, many men had become lonely, depressed, embittered, cynical, confused, angry, desperate, melancholic etc. Some killed themselves. Some unfortunate men married used up, aged sluts that wanted to “settle down” only to be divorce-raped a few years later. Losing everything, getting evicted from their house and children and forced into modern slavery, they got shafted yet again, adding fresh injury to already terrible wounds. Some few tried to talk about their problems with their peers – only to be laughed at, ridiculed, told to ‘man up’, NAWALT or other utter tosh. So they shut up and phased out. Ghosted. Gradually lost themselves in action and drifted away from a cold society that didn’t care and didn’t listen.

So fast forward to 2012: having spent the flower of their youth in emotional concentration camps in deep freeze, having been systematically lied to about the single most important aspect of their lives (sexuality) these poor men are the walking wounded of our present day and age. Similar to Vietnam-Vets these ‘Lost Boys‘ are shellshocked, emotional cripples with the ‘Thousand Yards Stare of Love‘. By and large ignored and ridiculed by society…they are quietly crawling away from agony, to a better place, where they may yet find justice. These are ‘men going their own way‘ and I for one salute them with the utmost respect.

For in the merciless ‘Gender War‘ the first victim, literally, was innocence.

Beavers & Hamster Warp Drives: The Female Decision Making Process

Aight, here we go. In the ‘Manosphere’ the concept of the female rationalization hamster has long since been discussed and analyzed. Bluntly phrased, women are emotional creatures and these emotions determine their reality. Right. So first you have the emotion. Anger, lust, envy, penis envy, P.M.S., stress, gina tingling…whatev. Then this emotion compells the woman to action. It is at this crucial point that the hamster drive is activated. Notice how female decision making by and large takes place before critical mental analysis. That is not so say there is no intelectual activity whatsoever involved. A woman will spin all kinds of devious, elaborate schemes, gyrations, justifications and mental gymnastics at the tactical level…but only after the fundamental issue has been decided upon (by her emotions).

Righty right. This is the hamster. Imagine a hamster in a hamster wheel inside the head of a woman. This hamster wildly spins in its hamster wheel and rationalizes and rationalizes and rationalizes…even the absurdest of notions (ok, I had sex with about 4954823452 badboys last night but I’m not a slut because we had this wonderful emotional connection and it just happened and I was drunk so it doesn’t count, you cunt,…and anyways…exploring my sexuality is empowering, you sexist man-pig. I’m the victim here!). So far so confusing? Hell yeah! But wait…there’s more…’cause do you truly believe we’ve delved deep enough?

Bubba, the hamster is not in command. It’s just an executive public & interior relations agent of sorts. And the woman herself is also most certainly not in command. So who is? In a nutshell: the beaver. If the gina tingles and the beaver jingles a cascade of emotions errupt in the female brain and thus a mental rationalization chain reaction ensues (woman looking at ‘douche it to the max’ meathead walking by with his girlfriend. Beaver: Wow, that guy is hot. I want some of that ass! Hamster: Beaver you are such a crude and unromantic brute. I’m sure he’s a special guy, all sensitive and gentle behind that strong and manly facade. We should talk to him and save him from that terrible ugly slapper of a girlfriend of his. She doesn’t deserve him, he and me…it was simply meant to be, destiny! Woman (walks to the meathead, shows cleavage): “Hi my name is Sally, I was wondering…blabla“).

You got it? No? Well then think about Star Trek. Picture the Warp Drive. One moment the pink coated F.S.S. Love-You-Long-Time is chugging along merrily through normal space. Everything is just relaxed and groovy when suddenly some sinister, patriarchal and quite possibly sexist Klingons arrive.  So what does Captain ‘Jingle-Bells’ She-Tard do? She fires up her Hamster-Warp Drive and the next thing you see are flashes, weird doppler effects and you find yourself in hyperspace with space-time all distorted and jumbled. You’re light years away from rationality and those evil, eeeevily judgmental Klingon caveman sexists. And it all makes sense. Because rationality is man-kind’s playing ground while femotional hyperspace is scary, alien, bizarrely schizophrenic and thus incomprehensible to the average dweeb. It’s hamster territory and without the proper skillset and instrumentarium you venture there at your own peril.

Bottomline: Men think with their penises, ok we already knew that. But women think with their beavers. This combined – time and again – leads to confusion, mutual loathing, fascination, ambivalent assholery, attraction, sweaty & passionately dirty trysts flowery intercourse and, sometimes, relationships. I’m not entirely sure how fast these Hamster Drives go (how much rational space they can distort) once spun up but let’s say for the time being I’m going to posit the known speed limit (to man) is 1 Chels on the Hamster Scala.

Concluding question: does this all make women brilliant tacticians yet/and/or strategic imbeciles?

Res ipsa locquitor.