Achtung! Seien Sie Ein Mann: ‘Man Up’ Epidemic Reaches Germany

Brothers, it is official: The endemic ‘Man Up’ epidemic has reached Germany. Recently, while perusing a German magazine (der Spiegel) I found this nasty piece of whining writing. It starts in the tried and true fashion of bewailing the marked absence of manliness in contemporary German men. Too many sensitive and empathic ‘nice guys’ are creeping out the poor Frauleins, who – the author goes on the write – crave some good old caveman machismo. So hello there. Never mind it was Feminists and women by and large who created this new specimen of man in the first place. That was then, this is now. And now German Hausfraus are increasingly not haaaaaaaaapy. Cause and effect be damned.

As two grrrrl empowered wimminz (one journalist and one PR advisor) condescendingly share over a few glasses of wine:

Sie sind wie Peter Pan, der Junge von der Insel Nimmerland, der nie erwachsen wurde. Und wie verkorkste Peter Pans wollen die jungen Männer bis ans Lebensende an Bars lehnen, durch Clubs ziehen und mit ihrem Kumpel Frauen gucken, die sie aber nur ansprechen, wenn sie selbst betrunken sind. Der junge Mann ist vom Hai zum Aal degeneriert. Binden will er sich nicht.”

They are like Peter Pan, the boy from Never-Never-Land who never grew up. And just like excentric Peter Pans these joung men want to hit bars till with their pals till the end of their lives. They only want to look at women, but are scared to approach them while still sober. Thus the contemporary man has degenerated from shark to eel and does not want to commit.”

Heh. Does this sound familiar to you? Her majesty, Kay Hymen-Witch herself…couldn’t have phrased it better. Hell, she prolly would have had a spontaneous orgasm reading this stuff. Maybe they flew her over to Europe to screetch preach some good old ‘Man Up’ mantras? Anyways, my heart goes out to these poor, poooor wimminz who have such a hard life dealing with all those immature man children around them.

Luckily for all of us the article goes on to state that brave German Frauleins have stepped into the void and assumed command. As successful, empowered and confident dykes, harpies and succubae entrepreneurs, attorneys and designers they are leaving the men far behind. They are saving the world, society, dolphins and all else…even as those same pathetic men are devolving at breakneck speeds. Wow. It is all so very wunderbar, eh?

Well, things really are wunderbar. Everything is shiny and don’t you worry. That at least is what another truly outstanding cupcake named Silke Burmester writes in her disgusting rant “levelheaded” essay “Good Bye Hairy Beast“. Here she basically celebrates the present state of affairs and congratulates other wimminz for so successfully castrating domesticating “enlightening” men and creating a wonderful new order of harmonious gender relations with rainbows, unicorns, nice guy Princess Charmings and dumpily beautiful damsels.

She goes on the caution, however:

Gut, an manchen Stellen ist die Entwicklung über das Ziel hinausgeschossen – sicherlich hatte keine von Euch gewollt, dass ein Mann am Ende etwas ist, das in Röhrenhosen und mit Schlabbertuch in der Ecke der Bar steht, sich an seinem Grapefruit-Bier festhält und den Mund nicht aufbekommt. Aber das sind Schrauben, an denen kann man drehen, das lässt sich über die Feinjustierung hinbekommen.”

Alright, in some ways recent developments might have gone a bit too far – surely none of you (women) ever wanted weak boys standing in the corner of the bar with their grapefruit beer, scared to open their mouths. But no worries. These are screws that can be turned, we (women) can finetune matters further.”

Ugh. Notice both the disgustingly arrogant, even fascistic wording (Let’s drill those men some more, carrot and stick, that’s a good doggy) and also the obvious female imperative of her entire narrative (how can we make things even better for women & what is good for men is irelevant). It’s a complete dehumanisation and objectification of men. Good to know, then, that misandry is alive and well…in Germany.

Silke Burmesterpuke love at first sight?

So. My dear friends from the Anglosphere, rest easy. As of now you are definitely no longer alone in enduring the barrage of glaringly moronic whining by feminist fem-nuts, manginas and other P.C. niggerz. German men, too, are now at the front lines of the ‘Gender War’. And reading the comments’ section of both articles was truly heart warming for me. Because even without any real ‘Manosphere’ in Germany (yet) the gist of the comments were remarkably similar to those in the US: men telling these pathetic wimminz where to stuff it, men counselling each other not to marry and also many men speaking of going their own way (even though they do not yet even in all likelihood comprehend this as a conscious political statement).

Commenter ‘cosmosxy’ summed it all up in one eloquent and witty sentence:

Liebe Frauen: Ihr habt an Macht gewonnen aber an Einfluss verloren.”

Dear women: you have gained power but lost influence.”


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  1. cider says:

    Silke looks like she is in dire need of a good hard shag.

    • umslopogaas says:

      Teehehe, I thought so myself. She has this hard, frustrated somewhat bitter semblance in her face. She’s also a way past her prime power-frau who probably still believes she’s entitled to men quaking at the mere sight of her…

    • BeijaFlor says:

      I think I have a remnant of 1970’s shag carpet, in the cellar, that I could contribute.

      Oh … not THAT kind of shag … ?

      (On the other hand, there was that comment – “Aber das sind Schrauben, an denen kann man drehen…” It leaves me with the picture of her in an SS Officer’s uniform, standing in front of a Peter-Pan manchild chained to the wall, her swagger stick resting up in his crotch; she’s saying, “Ve haff vays to make you fock …”)

      • umslopogaas says:

        Hahaha, maybe what the shrew means is to literally use screws to artificially “raise your hydraulics” so you can then screw her?

        Looking at that harpies face I think that just might be neccessary…

    • MaMu1977 says:

      1. All German women over the age of 30 look like that. I’m not exaggerating in the least, they literally jump from youthful to “experienced” as soon as they cross the 30 year Rubicon. That being said, well, um, they’re the Altoids of women (in a bedroom sense), “curiously strong.” Move to rural Germany, marry a bookish-looking woman between the ages of 18-25 and you have a wife-for-life (because the cute/”sexy” women in that country jump on the carousel as soon as they hit puberty. Despite its reputation for sexual license, however, German women {IMHO} are feast or famine. If she jumps on the carousel, she’s riding the pony and the unicorn and the lion and the elephant and every other animal on the ride; if she has even one bad experience, however, she’s off for good.) If you ignore the urban Germans and stick to small town folk, you’ll grab yourself a woman who knows how to cook, clean, save, raise kids, stay in shape and is quite likely to *still* be up for some “adult experimentation”. But what do I know, I just lived there for 3 years. 3 years in which I met only one female German who weighed more than 300 pounds and less than a dozen non-athletic women who weighed over 200 pounds. As a black man who has lived in the inner city, the South and the Midwest, the most astonishing memory that I have about that country is the willingness to fervor that the women had towards exercise. And given the fact that they rarely do the EPL divorce thing (small town people know everyone’s business, women who divorce because they aren’t “haaaappy” soon find themselves on the outs with everyone), if you date a divorcee in that country, your neighbours will warn you about her character issues (as well as the issues of her former partner) before things get too serious. On top of that, alimony/child support is given at an approximately 10%/15% ratio of a man’s take home pay (unlike America, in which a man can pay out a third of his salary *before* taxes are taken into account) and alimony lasts for 36 months total (with no changes in amount if the ex-husband receives a windfall.) If you marry a German woman, get a divorce and later win 100 million Euro, she’s still only going to get her portion of your (eg.) glassmaker’s pay. If you earned 40K on the day that the paperwork was filed, then go to work a few days later and receive a promotion, she’s only gettin her portion of that 40K (even if your promotion increases your take home pay by 100+%, even if your promotion was based on receiving a degree that had been undertaken during the marriage.)
      My grandmother had a saying, “The keener the blade, the more likely you’ll cut yourself with it.” German feminism is that over-keen blade, and it created a society in which even “deserving” women who “did everything right” and fell victim to the “you’re too old, I want a divorce” male boogeyman 1% can only count on getting enough money to stay solvent (of course, German divorce rates are essentially equal to American rates, with 50% of all divorces being no-fault and 20% being minimal fault filed by women.) I mean, if I had a dollar for every otherwise-traditional German man who I’d met who admitted to having enjoyed a wife-participated threesome, I could afford a 4* dinner. Compare that to American womens’ standards and they fall terribly short (doubly so due to one reason: German women go for 2-girl threesomes, American women want 2-guy threesomes.)

      2. German men *do* earn more from their social system for one reason- free university tuition. If a German man goes to college, he’s far more likely to take a STEM or doctorate-level medical course than a woman (when I lived there, men in college were 50% more likely to take those course than women and 75% more likely to stick things out. It led to a situation in which I met men who started learning about house wiring at 13, went to university post-divorce at 30, then used their 10+ years of at-hand experience to become electrical engineers. Conversely, I met a lot of female soft science/medicine/hospitality/language degree holders who ended up earning half as much as the “bumpkins” who decided to wait a few years to go to school. The women rush to university to earn degrees that cost $30K, the men save up a nest egg and use the same benefits to earn degrees that would cost $75K. Seriously, who’s getting the better deal out of *that*? I haven’t even *mentioned* the fact that a lot of those men (many of whom were treated as non-factors by women prior to earning their degrees) will use those same degrees to get jobs that make the world their playroom. I’ve met the German equivalent of rednecks who went from traveling less than two hours away from their homes (from childhood to their 30’s) to being able to take four 1-week vacations a year to go *anywhere*. American men are just playing at MGTOW, European men have been doing the MGTOW (leavened with the “foreign nice guy”/”patriarch with money”) lifestyle since before the war.

      • umslopogaas says:


        Very insightful and informative comment, many thanks. Hilarious metaphor about the unicorns and lions etc. Haha, I’m going to remember that one and include it in future carousel editions. And from my own experiences in Germany (during university) I would agree that small town folk differ significantly from the metropolitan rot. Add to that that Germans – in toto – seem to have a general conservativeness about them…which in this context is a good thing, imo.

        A few questions, however:

        1.) If German women rarely do the EPL divorce thing…how come the national divorce rate hovers at around 50% (i.e. similar to the Anglosphere)?

        2.) Moreover, how does your assessment of (more balanced) German family laws correspond to Art Vandelays’ claim vis a vis assumed paternity for the husband….i.e. hubby potentially having to pay for some other dude’s bastard.

        As for the rest: Truly outstanding, good stuff. A pleasure to read. And thank you for stopping by this place.

      • Art Vandelay says:

        Well the spousal support laws aren’t as cruel. You get to keep at least 60% of your income (at least 700-1000 EUR) as an incentive to keep you working, it’s called Erwerbstätigenbonus. The state just doesn’t want to have to take care of either persons after the divorce. Post divorce people are supposed to care for themselves, this of course means that housewives are at a huge disadvantage. Still, In my view, getting married is a losing proposition for men everywhere. Having children is even worse. We never had a time like the American 50ies and 60ies over here, women were always working, especially after the war.

        Free university is great for those who are able to use it and especially those who use it right. But it also means people like me get to pay for some dyke to take 5 years of gender studies, after paying for their 13 years of school. It should be clear that nothing is ever free. Someone has to work for it. University is a privilege enjoyed by few paid for by the rest in the hopes that their higher taxes make up the difference. This works as long as people get a well paying job after university, not if they keep waiting tables or stay at home after getting married. And as it’s free you have no incentive to accelerate your way through it. I know people at thirty who never had a full time job, a lot of them are women.

        I’m not paying for an ex wife (lucky me), but I have the ersatz ex wife in the state, taking money from me without returning anything of value. As for making the world your playroom, I make over 90k EUR a year. around 40 of that go to the tax man in some capacity. If I live below my means I can maybe save 20k a year, or I could squander it on lavish 4 week vacations. Usually with that lifestyle also comes the car and the apartment (which are beyond expensive in the major cities). I think a lot of those supposed MGTOW really only go as far as the Bank let’s them go. A lot of the high earners I know have less net worth than someone who lives on welfare.

      • MaMu1977 says:

        I’d forgotten about this post!

        1. I lived in rural Germany, not in the city, so the caliber of women was slightly better. IME, country girls understood that the carousel was a limited-time offer (unlike their urban counterparts.) The divorce rate, FWIW, is inflated by the younger age of first marriage. There are a lot of teenager weddings (quickly followed by feminism-triggered divorces) that take place in the countryside (urban Germans, otoh, marry at similar ages to Americans.) The end result, however, usually involves the newly divorced woman learning that all but the most manginiacal/brutal men in their area are MGTOW (and as I mentioned earlier, no man on the planet gives less of a fuck than a German man.)

        I served in the military for my stay in Germany. Compared to the clubs in America, German “frauennacht/abend” Ladies’ Nights were sparsely attended, usually by the same 20-40 women (a Ladies Night at or around a similarly rural American base would have at least 100 female attendees.) American military bases are filled with cheaters, whereas a majority of “spoken for” German women would at least try to restrain themselves. I’ve known more than a few German female anti-feminists in word and deed, but the few American anti-feminists who I’ve known have all been virtual (in America, grerp is 1:1,000. In rural Germany, grerp would be 1:10, and she would have no qualms about telling a younger woman to treat her husband like a prize cow. Literally, as one of my funniest memories is overhearing a just-past MILF aged woman tell a younger counterpart, “If your husband wanted to sleep with you 3 times a day before marriage, *you’re* the idiot for knocking it down to 2times a month. You won’t let your cheese-milk cows go more than two days without being drained, but you’ll sit here in front of me and complain about how even a handjob is too much for you!? Of course he went to the local bar, you knew that the Trost men were ‘like that’ long before you accepted his ring! Your man is like your prize cow: you walk her, feed her, clean her stall and collect her milk for cheese-making, and she loves you for it. Likewise, that goat of a husband of yours appreciates the clean house and hot dinner, but he needs to be milked also! If you don’t want to be tucked, tie him to the bed and do with him as he needs with your hands, don’t tell him that you love him and tell him that you want to be his only lover, then leave him hard and dry!”) As American version wouldn’t even consider his physical need for food, never mind the admonition towards actually having sex with the person who you made swear to only have sex with you!

        2. As far as paternity is concerned, it was answered already. Bottom line: knowledge of paternity simplifies health care administration (which is the reason why even “fraudulently acquired” test results are accepted in courts. Taking money from a man (specific) to raise another man’s children (specific) disrupts social cohesion (like AA men, European men figured out the inherent flaws in the social justice/welfare system within the first decade of implementation.) Also, as gene-based medical advances are made, having legal knowledge of the father of any German children reduces the amount of potential suffering that a child may endure (after all, a child with leukemia needs as close of a genetic match as possible.)
        As AA beta men tend to marry exogamically, beta European men tend to leave their own women behind until they’ve gotten the desire to sport-lay out of their system (quick example- the closer you are to a German border, the higher the rate of cross-cultural marriage. I knew a lot of “conservatively dull, and therefore unsexy” German men with blond-hair loving Italian wives. They weren’t “good enough for Madeleine or Sabine, but Margolotta and Sabrina happily scooped them up; in the same way that a black, nerdish or otherwise bookish man may find himself on the outs with black women, but they’ll still have the dark skin and mimicked swagger that attracts white American women, Jaleel White being a great example.)

  2. […] Nevermind that this is starting to be an issue in other cultures. […]

  3. Ugh, its infecting Europe too? Here I was hoping the disease of feminism would be mostly contained to the US, UK, and Australia. How long before it infects the whole world? How many countries will have to go through crumbling economies like it appears the US is destined to?

    I guess I’ll just get a good, long knife, a shotgun, and a bat. I’ll stock up on alcohol and food. I’ll find an appreciative woman not indoctrinated by feminism. I’ll be prepared for the end of the world when it goes down, and her and I will laugh at their foolish attempts to save it while we drink, fuck, and protect what we have.

    • umslopogaas says:

      Heh, well feminism is spreading throughout the world, at present.

      That said, it is mostly having an effect on the West. In a nutshell, Germany is maybe 5-7 years behind the US on the misandry timetable. Thus I predict the pattern of subsequent feminist grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl “empowerment” will closely mimick that of the US in recent past.

      Quite possibly things will get worse in Germany than in the US – if alone for the fact that there is an extensive welfare state in Germany (and western Europe). As we all know by now…a welfare state functions as a collective ersatz husband for the wimminz, i.e. as a means to collectively leech of of men’s labour.

      Consequence: Germany quite possibly will go the way of Sweden, the “Saudi Arabia” of feminism.

      As for the rest of the world: my dear sir…despair ye not. There are many third world countries…where feminism will have only the slightests of impact….exactly because there is no wealth and thus no welfare state. Thus women are still strongly dependant on men. Thus men have leverage….in a way western men don’t.

      Apart from that: we will win this war. There is no greater power than that of man. All we need is mass consciousness. And consciousness increaseth by the day, as ever more men swallow ‘Red Pills’ and wake up…

      • Art Vandelay says:

        I think the German women lack a bit of the entitlement complex that seems to be pervasive in American females. Other than that, the welfare state transfers a lot of money from men to women. A men’s right organization calculated it for the whole population, I estimated for myself that I’ll pay 2m EUR more into the system than I get out.

        One thing to note, they usually try to make some sucker the ersatz husband first. You can’t DNA test your children after you accepted paternity, and paternity is automatically assumed for the husband. If you do an illegal DNA test it’s not admissible in court – this is extremely rare in Germany because usually even illegally obtained proof is admissible.

        It will probably get a lot worse when SPD/Grüne get elected in 2013. We’ll be well on our way to Swedish style misandry.

        It’s important to note that a lot of feminism is rooted in leftist/socialist ideology (we had real socialism in Germany you know), it’s not really imported from other countries.

      • Eh, I don’t doubt that the war will be won. I just really hate it. I’m arming myself, but wish I didn’t have to fight. Not looking forward to dealing with the casualties on both sides.

        I’m really hoping you’re right and the limited welfare states of other countries will halt feminism’s progress

  4. umslopogaas says:

    @Art Vandelay:

    I think the German women lack a bit of the entitlement complex that seems to be pervasive in American females. Other than that, the welfare state transfers a lot of money from men to women. A men’s right organization calculated it for the whole population, I estimated for myself that I’ll pay 2m EUR more into the system than I get out.”

    Fascinating. What makes you think they lack said entitlement complex? And would you rate this in absolute or relative terms?

    And very interesting your link regarding the intergender wealth transfers. It seems that women are *officially* receiving massive fiscal transfers from men and still have the gall to spout gibberish about “inequality”. Patently insane.

    One thing to note, they usually try to make some sucker the ersatz husband first. You can’t DNA test your children after you accepted paternity, and paternity is automatically assumed for the husband. If you do an illegal DNA test it’s not admissible in court – this is extremely rare in Germany because usually even illegally obtained proof is admissible

    Good god. This now is truly horrible. Well…the only solution for German men I can see is to not marry, to join the marriage strike. The courts certainly seem to treat them as second class citizens. Wasn’t there also some high profile false rape allegation recently? Kachelmann something?

    It will probably get a lot worse when SPD/Grüne get elected in 2013. We’ll be well on our way to Swedish style misandry.

    It’s important to note that a lot of feminism is rooted in leftist/socialist ideology (we had real socialism in Germany you know), it’s not really imported from other countries.”

    Amen brother. It’s like that throughout the West. The (cultural marxist) left is at the forefront of advancing this diabolical agenda. Still, I sincerly hope it won’t get as bad as Sweden. Any thoughts on that?

    Thanks for visiting my blog and best of luck to you.

    • P Ray says:

      It was the Jörg Kachelmann case, woman claimed she was raped by him, expert witness Bernd Brinkmann said her injuries seemed self-inflicted.
      Way back in early 2000 men in Germany were already on a marriage strike. I’ve heard people say Germany is good towards men, but if that were the case why did the strike happen?

      • umslopogaas says:

        Ah yes Jörg Kachelmann. Yes that was a pretty vicious affair. Didn’t they keep him jailed for over half a year….even though the women he had allegedly raped lied several times during interrogations…and later under oath? And I think German feminists tried to crucify him even after he had been acquitted.

        As for the rest: I spent some time living in Germany. And my experiences with German men certainly suggests otherwise. There is growing frustration amongst German men and also a growing men’s rights movement (, etc.). Marriage rates are quickly falling, as family laws are strongly biased in the woman’s favour…and divorce rates are correspondingly high (including divorce theft etc. albeit in a less extreme fashion than in the US).

    • Art Vandelay says:

      I think German women don’t act as openly entitled because it’s frowned upon. People always try to appear humble.

      The German marriage rate is already pretty low, as well as the birth rate which is one of the lowest in the world. Most Germans are really atheists (even those who self identify as Christian usually aren’t very serious about it) so from that cultural background marriage isn’t that important to most. There are some tax benefits, I think I would have 8400 EUR more net a year if I were married, but I’m pretty sure a potential wife would find ways to put that money to use and then some… I certainly won’t get married and most men my age don’t seem to want either.

      The Kachelmann case was pretty egregious because even though he hasn’t been convicted of anything his business and professional career are pretty much ruined nonetheless. One of the more vicious German feminists (Alice Schwarzer, get a barf bag when you look her up she’s ugly as all hell) has been following the trial for a major “newspaper” and he later sued her when she kept defaming him after the acquittal. So far no charges have been filed against the woman who accused him.

      One good thing about this case, as well as the one against Strauss-Kahn and Julian Assange is that, even though these men are pretty much ruined it put the problem of false rape accusations on the public radar.

  5. umslopogaas says:


    Eh, I don’t doubt that the war will be won. I just really hate it. I’m arming myself, but wish I didn’t have to fight. Not looking forward to dealing with the casualties on both sides.”

    Hell yeah. And you’re not the only one. I passionately hate this s*it as well. I often daydream….of how it would have been to have been born 100 years in the past. It will get a lot worse, a lot uglier ere things get better – if ever. And casualities will be high, very high. Then again…we simply have no choice about it now…do we?

    I’m really hoping you’re right and the limited welfare states of other countries will halt feminism’s progress.”

    Well, my reasoning is thus: feminism requires a certain level of wealth to become viable. Why is this so? Because only once a society has achieved a minimum level of wealth can individualism truly take place, i.e. the atomization of society.

    In a third world country…and certainly in Southeast Asia…the family is the fundamental social unit, it is the ultimate sine qua non. There is relative poverty and people oftentimes cannot survive on their own. Family ties are thus a crucially important lifeline. Thus endemic divorce rates….and all the concomittant claptrap….imo is unfeasible for the foreseeable future.

    • P Ray says:

      Family is the ultimate social unit in Asia because the governments can’t be trusted. As people(women?) put their trust in government the institution fragments. It is already happening in parts of Asia that baby hatches are available.

      • umslopogaas says:

        Hmm…where is this happening exactly? I was specifically refering to Southeast Asia, where things are still pretty traditional (especially in Laos, Cambodia and rural Vietnam).

        There, people are for the most part poor and trust in the government is not really that high. Moreover, the government simply lacks the funds and political will to provide for single mothers with bastards. These are – by and large – shamed and end up as prostitutes (for instance in Pathaya, Thailand).

        Thus you have a disciplining effect on all other women….to behave well, to be chaste and to marry a good provider (hint: gold mine for provider betas).

        I don’t see this changing any time soon because aforesaid countries won’t be achieving western level affluence any time soon.

      • P Ray says:

        Basically the countries on the almost-fully-developed scale in Asia:
        Japan, Malaysia …
        and others not so developed:
        Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, South Africa
        and in the West:
        It might even be coming to Singapore soon.

      • P Ray says:

        Since my post has been held up in moderation (3 links),
        baby hatches in several Asian countries
        Most developed: Japan, Malaysia
        Not so developed: Pakistan, India
        Non-Asian countries: Germany, South Africa

        soon to come? Maybe Singapore. I do know there is an angry band of “you owe me” feminists living there, judging by last years’ Slutwalk (and one of the accompanying taglines about the “objectifying male gaze”)

  6. @ Umslopogaas

    Nope, no choice really. The thing that makes it go down easier is that, as long as I’m bettering myself for my own sake, I’m fighting and winning this war. Only if a female takes away my resources is she winning. So I can better myself, have a good time, and have as much sex as I want and I’m helping the cause. Not as much as if I found a way to change laws or public opinion, but we fight with the tools we have

    I can see your thoughts on wealth. It isn’t until a state has wealth that a woman is able to get a ‘formal education’ and start turn her back on family units, turning up the hypergamy, stealing power, and stomping all over the system.

    • P Ray says:

      These women who get their positions through affirmative action won’t be able to hold onto them forever. Other women want their places too, and other men will need to be flattered to be in their corner for contacts and favours.
      The 60-year-old laid-off windbag slut world-traveller is a horrible sight, and not likely to land a later USD300,000 a year job from anywhere else.

    • umslopogaas says:


      Absolutely. Where there is no choice there can only be grim determination, sacrifice….blood, sweat and agony in the hopes of final victory.

      As for your second paragraph: So long as women are not bailed out by the state (which is too poor to bail them out in Southeast Asia) they face the full (and brutal) consequences consequences of slutting things up…and thus there are enough “sob stories” to deter the dearies, to discipline them….and keep them on a more chaste, feminine and all out positive trajectory.

  7. Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of the long term consequences of affirmative action. That it kicks out the old to make way for the young.

    With more women being good ‘paper prospects’ in that they’re more likely to have college degrees these days, how does that figure in to your thoughts?

    • P Ray says:

      The women will have to “carnal-it-up” to move on. Pretty sure it already happens in many parts of Asia.
      You have many business leaders that only have MBAs without first degrees, running crony-linked technology projects with slave labour coders and non-existent QC.
      It’s acceptable only because on paper they are spending less on an initial investment in productivity.
      It is going to become expensive in terms of downtime, training and productivity… as many software companies in Asia are run by businessmen, not software developers.
      As such, many make promises they cannot satisfy.

  8. What the hell…..

    What is this ‘Fast Fails’ website? I went to the link, saw my blog post copied word for word. I can’t find anything about the website on the website, and didn’t get any notification on my own site.

    I’m kind of pissed.

    • umslopogaas says:

      Wow. Spam seems to slip through every now and again. Sorry about this. I’ve removed the comment.

      • Its ok. I’m not pissed at you. I’m just confused at the website that copied and pasted my post into it. I don’t mind people talking about my thoughts in some form or another – even if deriding them. Mainly I was confused by it and couldn’t figure out what the site was about or why they did it.

  9. umslopogaas says:

    @P Ray:

    Basically the countries on the almost-fully-developed scale in Asia:
    Japan, Malaysia …
    and others not so developed:
    Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, South Africa
    and in the West:
    It might even be coming to Singapore soon

    Interesting links. And your assessment makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if feminism has made some inroads in Japan – due to amongst other things their developmental level.

    However Malaysia? Pakistan and Bangladesh? I’m not so sure. These are – after all – muslim countries who have thus far, afaik, been relatively unaffected by feminism.

    As for India: I don’t know enough about that country. However, the economic situation of the vast masses of Indians would seem to likewise prohibit the full implementation of feminism…for above mentioned reasons.

    It certainly is that way in the countries I mentioned above: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and also Thailand (lesser extent) and Myanmar.

    I posit feminism requires a minimum level of societal development / economic wealth and security to become feasible. In Cambodia etc. women cannot risk feminism because they are literally too dependant on their men and their families. Thus…if they slut things up the family clamps down, no good man will marry them and if they get pregnant by some cad (single mother) more often than not they are kicked out…due to having brought shame to the family.

    Thus….these women, then, live in direst poverty and oftentimes become prostitutes due to their destitution. They then serve as a deterrent for other women….who thus are disciplined and behave in a more chaste manner.

    All this said there is one problem in all of this: western cultural influence. Simply said, the dreck from Hollywood is also starting to have an effect on Southeast Asia. Sex and the City and all those crappy movies, shows et al…are influencing things. And traditions are slowly withering. So mayhap…sexuality will be eased in some countries.

    But again: i cannot ever see things getting as extreme as in the West…due to Southeast Asia’s altogether different economic reality.

  10. umslopogaas says:

    @P Ray:

    In other news, feminism taking hold in China:

    The comments are interesting, Chinese guys know what’s up.
    Pity that the women are going to claim both “being oppressed” and “equal to any man” at the same time

    Heh, I’m actually quite optimistic about Asia. There are several factors that will, imo, prevent the kind of femcatastrophy we’ve experienced in the West.

    1.) As mentioned before, the lack of welfare largesse effectively forces Asians to maintain strong family ties. Asian families are by default strongly patriarchal because – just like everywhere else in this world – it is the man that mainly provides the wonga. Women work as well but operate in an auxiliary, assisting roll.

    My impression is they are deeply grateful of beta providers and thus cherish them accordingly (wink to all gentle men reading this).

    2.) China and most Asian countries are not democracies (apart from Japan and South Korea but I’m not talking about them). As such the government has far more leverage to keep unwanted western influences out of the country if it so choses and/or clamp down on feminist movements.

    3.) The Asians will see the dysmal effect feminism has had on the West and people such as us will help them connect the dots if they should have difficulties doing so. Thus they will be firmly innoculated against thise terrible disease. Or so I hope.

    The comments in above found article certainly speak a very clear language. It would appear Chinese men are far less gullible than us Westerners have been in the past.

  11. source says:

    You ought to really moderate the comments listed here

  12. sexkontakt says:

    Akkurat det vet vel de fleste oss at ikke stemmer – det er i det store havet mellom de
    ytterpunktene at nytelsene finnes. Du har nok av kjedelige netter og lyst på
    sex i det fri, partnerbytte eller Hardcore.
    De vakre og unge menneskene fra reklamen blir ikke lenger sett på som en trussel.

  13. naken damer says:

    Det er lettest om han som er i rumpa ikke beveger seg
    så mye. Med litt glidemiddel eller olje på hendene kan du gå litt mer grundig til verks
    i rumpe-opphisselsen. Fokuset her er ikke på den raske, anonyme og overfladiske
    tilfredsstillelsen, men på et spennende møte mellom
    to mennesker som ønsker å dele singelsex erfaringer med

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