Reporting back to the front lines…

Here I am. Back from an extended offline time. As to the why…well. I try to not write about my own, personal stuff. In this case, however, I have no choice. See the thing is I have some issues, I guess. Swallowing the ‘Red Pill’ is painful business and there are some things that happened to me in my adolescence that continue to haunt me.

And sometimes things can become too much for me. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by anger, grief and all that. I try to keep an even keel but have to say, unfortunately, I am not always successful in this. I admire cool, rational thinkers like Dalrock, Rollo, Welmer and others who just focus on the matter at hand and don’t let stuff get to them yet personally I have difficulties remaining as detached as they do.

Sometimes I just want to scream. Sometimes I can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking, can’t function, can’t stop remembering and thus can’t maintain my equilibrium. It is in such circumstances that I have to dive deep for while, put my head in the sand. I just stop reading stuff. I force myself to focus on other issues. I take a leave of absence from the front lines of the Gender War in order to regroup and keep my sanity.

I wish it were different. But this is how it is. I hope you all can understand. In any case I’m back now and have some new ideas, strategies and thoughts I shall publish here in the following weeks.