What are our aims?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where we are going. And that is, I would say, a salient question: what is our end goal? What are we trying to accomplish?

Of course that is also a tricky question to answer. There are as many answers as there are subgroups within the men’s rights movement. That said, however, I will now attempt to outline a few aims that I, personally, view to be important.

  1. A complete rollback of all misandric laws. This is a nobrainer. It is high time we assigned the systematically unjust, contradictory and oftentimes outright insane feminist laws to the dustbin of history. Reproductive rights must be bestowed on *both* men and women and the cruel farce that is the current family law regime ended. This entails granting men the right to unilaterally “abort” their responsibility for any child they might have sired for the *exact* same time period a woman has to abort her child. If a woman has the right to choose so must a man likewise have the right to choose. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
  2. The same applies for all other instances in society and jurisprudence where we still have existing double standards. I want nothing less than the complete removal of sex from the equation regarding laws. By this I mean, that women have to be punished to the same degree as men for the same offenses and the ‘Pussy Pass’ needs to be rescinded. Additionally, I demand that women no longer be excluded from having to register for selective services. Draft has to be unisex. Equality demands it and I for my part am sick to death of feminism’s “equality” that is a lie and insult to any individual with a healthy sense of justice.
  3. A complete segregation in society with regards to schooling and work. By this I mean girl only and boy only schools combined with appropriate education methods tailored to the respective sex’s natural inclinations. With regards to work I mean creating – as best possible – companies that are male only or female only. If Feminism’s claim that women can do everything men can do holds water women shouldn’t have a problem with this since it gives them an excellent opportunity to demonstrate this claim by *deeds* not words. Likewise, I am convinced that men – undistracted by the actions of women and without the necessity to sugarcoat everything they say and abide to a totalitarian politically correct behavioural code – can achieve far better performance than we have at present.
  4. The creation of male only and female only healthcare, pension funds and other social benefit schemes. And here again I say to Feminists who might have a problem with this: put your money where your mouth is. If women are naturally superior at basically everything – as claimed by Feminism – they should be delighted to no longer have to “carry the burden of the inferior male”. And men for their part will know that their labour will no longer be abused in order to pay for the entitlement of western “princesses”. I for my part am convinced this would strongly increase the incentive of men to work hard, seeing as they would be sure to actually be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour.
  5. A systematic reduction in the scope of government. It is my belief that the government has no right to meddle incessantly in the private affairs of the people. As such the governmental duties should be kept to a bare minimum: ensure the safety and lawful security of its citizens and maintain the infrastructure of the country. That is all. If the government can be drastically reduced in scope so can the tax rate. I believe that income tax itself is not necessary and that the governmental duties I have outlined could be easily accomplished with VAT, customs and a few other minor taxes by themselves. Simply put, I would like to see a return to the US constitution, the original constitution.
  6. A complete reworking of suffrage. I believe universal suffrage is unbecoming to any republic. When the mob rules democracy degenerates into a corporate circus, a cesspit where corrupt individuals bribe criminals to pose as politicians and the plebs is fooled and hoodwinked on every level. As such more democracy is actually *less* democracy, and certainly…less freedom. What I envision is a mechanism by which merit can be determined effectively and suffrage bestowed accordingly. Hence, any individual would have the potential to acquire voting rights but only if he or she manages to demonstrate outstanding merit by, for example, inventing a useful technology, creating a successful business, creating excellent works of art, literature or philosophy (and thus demonstrating above standard wisdom). Naturally, this mechanism would have to be balanced out and its details worked out in a holistic sense.
  7. A widespread and stringent inquiry into the feasibility of a male contraceptive pill as well as an artificial womb. These two innovations are of pivotal importance as they will finally create absolute equality between the sexes – something women and feminists claim to support. As such I cannot see and will not accept any rejection of this basic human right of man.
  8. The undisputed right of any man to opt out of traditional male gender roles in very much the same way women have done. If women reject their role as sex objects then men should equally have the right to break their shackles and no longer act as status objects, as disposable instruments for the advancement of the Feminine Imperative. Every man should have the right to live his life the way he choses and *nobody* should have the right to shame him for his individual decisions. If a man doesn’t want to marry or start a family with a western woman (or any woman) that is his *own* prerogative and nobody has the right to judge him for that.
  9. Either the complete abolition of all P.C. suppression instruments with regards to women’s sensitivities and their concomitant mob hysteria every time a man makes a “sexist” joke *or* the expansion of these same strict standards to include men as well. Basically, if it is not acceptable to make sexist jokes about women or portray them in less than flattering fashion in movies etc. the same applies for men as well. So either stop demonizing men or allow men to likewise demonize women. Anything else is gross hypocrisy.

That’s all for now. I’m sure there are other goals that should be accomplished. As such this is a work in progress. I am also very much intereted in what you have to say about this. I am of course aware that a lot of the goals stated above are probably unfeasible in the short-term. That said however, I believe it makes sense to outline clearly what the end goals are. Especially now, at this point, where things are finally starting to move…

8 comments on “What are our aims?

  1. Bernhard Lassahn says:

    I am still translating and thinking about it. I thank you for your work. It looks like one of the best reflections on the aims I have ever read.

    • umslopogaas says:

      Many thanks. I look forward to hearing more from you people.

      I will also start a blog in German in the not so distant future.

      • Dave says:

        I disagree with two parts:

        “combined with appropriate education methods tailored to the respective sex’s natural inclinations.”

        The schools should teach all things equally as not to take opportunity or encouragement from men or women to go into any field as necessary.

        “as well as an artificial womb.”

        Should be complemented with the production of sperm from a female. Otherwise, one is dependent while the other is not.

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  3. The Sun says:

    I am curious what makes you think, under your own rules, what would qualify you to have the right to vote?

    • Nothing – for so long as I haven’t demonstrated my own merit by the same objective standards required from everybody else (as depicted in the article).

      I have absolutely no problem with not having the vote myself if this means that a system is put in place where only people that verifiably demonstrate their merit and wisdom are enfranchised.

      “inventing technology, creating a successful business, creating excellent works of art, literature or philosophy (and thus demonstrating above standard wisdom).”

      I haven’t done any of these and as such I wouldn’t get the vote myself but that is fine with me. Again, it is my belief that a country is well governed if it is governed by wise people with a longterm orientation.

      Ask yourself if this is the case at current and if not what can be done to fix things…

  4. Brownv.BoardofEducationmadethisnotwork says:

    I would urge you to read the constitution for a minute before trying to have this happen in the US…

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