What are our aims?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where we are going. And that is, I would say, a salient question: what is our end goal? What are we trying to accomplish?

Of course that is also a tricky question to answer. There are as many answers as there are subgroups within the men’s rights movement. That said, however, I will now attempt to outline a few aims that I, personally, view to be important.

  1. A complete rollback of all misandric laws. This is a nobrainer. It is high time we assigned the systematically unjust, contradictory and oftentimes outright insane feminist laws to the dustbin of history. Reproductive rights must be bestowed on *both* men and women and the cruel farce that is the current family law regime ended. This entails granting men the right to unilaterally “abort” their responsibility for any child they might have sired for the *exact* same time period a woman has to abort her child. If a woman has the right to choose so must a man likewise have the right to choose. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
  2. The same applies for all other instances in society and jurisprudence where we still have existing double standards. I want nothing less than the complete removal of sex from the equation regarding laws. By this I mean, that women have to be punished to the same degree as men for the same offenses and the ‘Pussy Pass’ needs to be rescinded. Additionally, I demand that women no longer be excluded from having to register for selective services. Draft has to be unisex. Equality demands it and I for my part am sick to death of feminism’s “equality” that is a lie and insult to any individual with a healthy sense of justice.
  3. A complete segregation in society with regards to schooling and work. By this I mean girl only and boy only schools combined with appropriate education methods tailored to the respective sex’s natural inclinations. With regards to work I mean creating – as best possible – companies that are male only or female only. If Feminism’s claim that women can do everything men can do holds water women shouldn’t have a problem with this since it gives them an excellent opportunity to demonstrate this claim by *deeds* not words. Likewise, I am convinced that men – undistracted by the actions of women and without the necessity to sugarcoat everything they say and abide to a totalitarian politically correct behavioural code – can achieve far better performance than we have at present.
  4. The creation of male only and female only healthcare, pension funds and other social benefit schemes. And here again I say to Feminists who might have a problem with this: put your money where your mouth is. If women are naturally superior at basically everything – as claimed by Feminism – they should be delighted to no longer have to “carry the burden of the inferior male”. And men for their part will know that their labour will no longer be abused in order to pay for the entitlement of western “princesses”. I for my part am convinced this would strongly increase the incentive of men to work hard, seeing as they would be sure to actually be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour.
  5. A systematic reduction in the scope of government. It is my belief that the government has no right to meddle incessantly in the private affairs of the people. As such the governmental duties should be kept to a bare minimum: ensure the safety and lawful security of its citizens and maintain the infrastructure of the country. That is all. If the government can be drastically reduced in scope so can the tax rate. I believe that income tax itself is not necessary and that the governmental duties I have outlined could be easily accomplished with VAT, customs and a few other minor taxes by themselves. Simply put, I would like to see a return to the US constitution, the original constitution.
  6. A complete reworking of suffrage. I believe universal suffrage is unbecoming to any republic. When the mob rules democracy degenerates into a corporate circus, a cesspit where corrupt individuals bribe criminals to pose as politicians and the plebs is fooled and hoodwinked on every level. As such more democracy is actually *less* democracy, and certainly…less freedom. What I envision is a mechanism by which merit can be determined effectively and suffrage bestowed accordingly. Hence, any individual would have the potential to acquire voting rights but only if he or she manages to demonstrate outstanding merit by, for example, inventing a useful technology, creating a successful business, creating excellent works of art, literature or philosophy (and thus demonstrating above standard wisdom). Naturally, this mechanism would have to be balanced out and its details worked out in a holistic sense.
  7. A widespread and stringent inquiry into the feasibility of a male contraceptive pill as well as an artificial womb. These two innovations are of pivotal importance as they will finally create absolute equality between the sexes – something women and feminists claim to support. As such I cannot see and will not accept any rejection of this basic human right of man.
  8. The undisputed right of any man to opt out of traditional male gender roles in very much the same way women have done. If women reject their role as sex objects then men should equally have the right to break their shackles and no longer act as status objects, as disposable instruments for the advancement of the Feminine Imperative. Every man should have the right to live his life the way he choses and *nobody* should have the right to shame him for his individual decisions. If a man doesn’t want to marry or start a family with a western woman (or any woman) that is his *own* prerogative and nobody has the right to judge him for that.
  9. Either the complete abolition of all P.C. suppression instruments with regards to women’s sensitivities and their concomitant mob hysteria every time a man makes a “sexist” joke *or* the expansion of these same strict standards to include men as well. Basically, if it is not acceptable to make sexist jokes about women or portray them in less than flattering fashion in movies etc. the same applies for men as well. So either stop demonizing men or allow men to likewise demonize women. Anything else is gross hypocrisy.

That’s all for now. I’m sure there are other goals that should be accomplished. As such this is a work in progress. I am also very much intereted in what you have to say about this. I am of course aware that a lot of the goals stated above are probably unfeasible in the short-term. That said however, I believe it makes sense to outline clearly what the end goals are. Especially now, at this point, where things are finally starting to move…


The Shrill, the Slutty and the Hamster: What HUS Tells Us About Post-Feminist Gynocentrism

Imagine for a moment that you are part of a herd of female monkeys. Say you’re their queen, their leader. You’ve been naughty monkeys and mooching off of Man’s largesse. You’ve been eating his bananas, drinking his water (while urinating in it), stealing his stuff and at the same time screeching, flinging feces and insults all the while claiming to anyone that might listen that Man is cruel and has harmed you in oh so many ways.

And this has worked admirably well. It has worked because Man’s instinct is to help you and he is gullible, maybe even stupid, certainly naïve. But somehow things have recently changed. Man is no longer smiling, no longer helping you. In fact he’s looking furious and sending you murderous glances. He’s a big man, a lot stronger than you are. After all, you’re just a poor, gentle little monkey and all…you wouldn’t harm a soul. And what’s his problem anyway? He has all those bananas. He’s so privileged. He must have a secret support structure in place somehow; let’s call it ‘Patriarchy’. And let’s downplay and forget the fact that it was Man’s sweat and labor that brought forth the bananas in the first place.

So what do you do? Heh, it’s rather obvious really. You give as little ground as possible for as many bananas as possible. Maybe you sacrifice the cheekiest, naughtiest monkey (Feminism I) and use it as a scapegoat. You fling it over to Man and shift all blame on it while absolving yourself of all sin. You tell Man that ‘not all monkeys are like that’ (NAMALT), that, really, it’s just a few bad monkeys while most are wonderful creatures and had nothing to do with those terrible actions, like *EVER*. You tell Man that you are on his side (just like the Feminists did) and that all you want is to create a just and good world. You pay lipservice to the reconciliation of the sexes while simultaneously crafting a new paradigm, a new yoke to put on the shoulders of that dumb beast Man. Really, it’s difficult to keep from snickering while you use a combination of strawmen, deflection, rhetoric gyrations and shaming language to reframe reality and create a new system, a new kind of leash just like many times before.

This – in a nutshell – is what Susan Walsh is attempting with HUS. She’s ahead of the curve in that she’s realized that men are starting to wake up and thus sooner or later Feminism I is going to fail. So now she’s preparing the next permutation of female supremacism and entitlement. She’s camouflaging it with some traditional, PUA and even manosphere coating but really it is nothing else than a new exploitation mechanism. Mix a bit of traditional patriarchy with some new age Churchianity, reformed slutdom, born again virginhood, entitlement and victim mentality and hey presto there it is:  a new world where everything is “different” while still being the same.

After all “not all scorpions are like that” (NASALT), Susan explains, “because one of them didn’t bite you.”

Classic, overt 1st 2nd and 3rd wave Feminism (T-800)


Post-feminist gynocentric Femofascism aka Walshism (T-1000)


From Dream to Nightmare: Cultural Marxism and the Fall of the West

When discussing complex issues such as Feminism, gender issues, societal collapse etc. it sometimes helps to step back and take a good look at the greater picture.  So. What do you see when observing your country? Do things appear pretty much effed up on all levels? What if I told you feminism – for all its poisonous venom – is but one festering boil of many…that have befouled and infected the West’s rotting body politic? And what if I told you all these issues were interconnected?

Feminism, the collapse of family and marriage, intersex alienation etc. is terribly troubling stuff. Yet in a sense it is only a symptom of something much larger. It is merely one manifestation of the West’s clandestine cultural marxist take over. Eh? Yes indeed. You are right now living in a marxist country. That’s right. Marxist. As in communist. Only it isn’t called that way. It’s still called the US. Or the UK. Or Sweden, France, Germany, whatever. The fact of the matter remains: your country was invaded not by an army but by an idea, a group of people. These people (academics) systematically spread propaganda which in turn – at a vulnerable moment – deeply affected (infected) students’ opinions and from thereon spread to the general population completely coopting your culture and thus changing the nature of your country.

So…what is cultural marxism? In a nutshell: marxism 2.0. First wave marxism (later 19. century) focused on the analysis of economics. It posited the theory of class struggle, the dualism of exploiter and exploited class. According to Marx it was an inevitable outcome that sooner or later the proletariat would rise and “break the shackles of oppression” ushering in the great socialist revolution etc. It was predicted this would occur during the next great conflict. Only when World War 1 started, British workers fought for Britain, French workers for France and German workers for Germany. Evidently, the marxist’ prognosis had proven to be flawed. So. After a lengthy period of reevaluation several marxist thinkers (i.e. Antonio Gramsci, Gyorgy Lucacs etc.) came to the conclusion that it had been these nations’ cultural identity which had prevented the socialist revolution.

*Because* of national solidarity (the big family), cultural values and a sense of familial duty (protection of the small family) men had fought in the trenches and laid down their lifes. Having realized this, Gramsci postulated that individual nation’s cultural values, societal mores and traditions would have to be deconstructed…as a prerequisite of socialist take over. And this is what cultural marxists by and large attempted from thereonwards. A first experiment was implemented by Georgy Lukacs in the chaos of post World War 1 Hungary. Not yet perfect in implementation it nonetheless serves as a chilling anecdote, especially when observed from our contemporary perspective:

In 1919, Georgy Lukacs became Deputy Commissar for Culture in the short-lived Bolshevik Bela Kun regime in Hungary.  He immediately set plans in motion to de-Christianize Hungary.  Reasoning that if Christian sexual ethics could be undermined among children, then both the hated patriarchal family and the Church would be dealt a crippling blow. Lukacs launched a radical sex education program in the schools.  Sex lectures were organized and literature handed out which graphically instructed youth in free love (promiscuity) and sexual intercourse while simultaneously encouraging them to deride and reject Christian moral ethics, monogamy, and parental and church authority.”

This attempt was short lived and failed ere long (due to catastrophic societal consequences and subsequent reactionary rollback). The time was simply not yet ripe. Thus, the cultural marxists regrouped and consolidated their movement by infiltrating German academia via the University of Frankfurt. There, they founded the Frankfurt School of Social Sciences, or simply: the Frankfurt School. As can be imagined, success remained elusive…for the time being. By and large their ideology didn’t really gain traction. Not even in the troubled interwar German Weimar Republic, which was constantly whacked by political strife, radicalism etc. Certainly not in the US that remained strongly religious, patriarchal and traditional.

However, this all changed in 1933. Hitler assumed power in Germany and the cultural marxists fled. Where did they flee to? Well, heh, to the US of course! They simply relocated and started infiltrating the US academia and infecting American intellectuals with their “progressive” ideas. And, seemingly, it all made sense. Especially after 1941. Because if the US was fighting that greatest of all Satans, Adolf Hitler, then surely Hitler’s enemies were good people, right? Right. Suuure thing, pal. Well, Germany was crushed, the war was won and everything was fine and dandy. Afterwards, having accepted these cult-marxists and implicitly having fought for their ideas it became difficult to argue against them, to seriously oppose them. This is how *they* were able to market themselves as “progressive”. Conversely, gender roles, traditionalism, conservatism etc. started to be seen as problematic, as outdated, as “wrong”.

Nonetheless, superficially the US and its vassals in Europe were able to briefly recreate the old order (in the 1950s). But even then it was nothing but a weak facsimile of the past. A shortlived interlude from the encroaching torrent of post-modernism. Already cracks were forming. Cracks on several levels. For one, women had seemingly proven they could do all the things men could, by working in the factories during WWII. Their return to classical roles did not brook well with their perceptions. Another problem was what I call historical contamination or more simply phrased: guilt. After millions had died, after all the carnage and madness of two world wars, there was a cynical feeling of cultural nihilism and depression. After Auschwitz how could a German still be proud of his country, his culture? And how could a British or French guy be proud of his? After all hadn’t he enslaved half the world, conquering and exploiting untold other peoples? For now at least this was not a crisis, only a fissure. Why? Because the generation of WWII had been *socialized before* WWII. So the generation of the 40s and 50s was operating under the paradigms and values of the 20s and 30s.

But the writing was already pretty clearly on the wall. In 1955 Herbert Marcuse (another cultural marxist) wrote “Eros and civilization; a philosophical inquiry into Freud“. In it, he proclaimed all ills of society were due to repression. And if only all repression and restraints were fully removed society would organize itself for the common good. He advocated a general unleashing of Eros. Sexual liberation, experimentation and all that. He also wrote about the difference of “classic tolerance” (tolerance of both right and leftist thought) which he labelled “repressive tolerance” and compared it to “liberating tolerance” (tolerance of leftist thought, intolerance of the right) which he recommended as “progress”. He claimed following his advice would usher in a new dawn, an era of harmony and utopia. Shangri La. Other influential figures were Max Horkheimer, Erich Fromm, Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin and others. All of these shmucks were cultural marxists. They wrote books, essentially all the material the boomers would use for “their” revolution. The cultural marxist Frankfurt School thus primed and programmed the boomers. Like a remote-controlled cultural timebomb…ready to blow.

This was possible because of aforementioned guilt neurosis. The boomer generation grew up at a lowpoint of western civilization. Out of their perspective, it seemed, traditions were evil. Evil because of the holocaust. Evil because of Imperialism etc. So because the cultural marxists were publishing “progressive” stuff that sounded good and was confirming beliefs they already (subconsciously) held, they lapped it all up eagerly. In this highly volatile setting all they needed was some simple trigger, an ocasion of sorts. And the Vietnam War dropped by just at the nick of time. Perfect timing. The dominos fell, fighting errupted in Indochina and the S*it hit the fan.

The boomers – already suspicious due to their educational priming – now had all the “evidence” they needed to demonstrate the essentially barbaric nature of the old, patriarchal order and the requirement of something new, radical and “wonderful”. Sexual revolution. Hippies. Peace, love and understanding. Heh. They were pawns, primed and controlled by external forces. Did they know it? Probably not. If they had known they still wouldn’t have cared. They had their “mission”. In any case, these boomers – for the most part students and academics – did their thing. The great march through the institutions of the West: they systematically took over politics, media, education, culture etc. They changed the paradigms, the values, the consciousness, the face of the West. And they molded a new West (which I call “the Hegemony of Plastic“) along cultural marxist values:

  • feminism as an instrument to estrange the sexes and destroy family
  • largescale immigration to dilute and change the culture of the US (and other western countries) and create new victim groups
  • multiculturalism as a form of subconscious selfdenigration & selfhatred
  • political correctness as a totalitarian instrument to enforce above values and clamp down on dissent

And they were highly successful. We’re still experiencing the consequences even today. We’re in our present quandary because of them and their brainhogwashed delusions. It’s a form of madness on a societywide level. A form of self-loathing, self-hatred. Psychosis. The works. So to recap: The West in general *lost* WWII…and the US lost its “mind” during the Vietnam War. Ever since it (and in consequence the West in general) has become ever less democratic and evermore marxist and suicidal. As of 2012 we are up S*it Creek without a paddle, not far away from a totalitarian 1984 kind of dystopia. Orwellian. Either we break out of this paradigm or we are doomed. And we can only break out and fix our issues if we first understand them.

Finally: Wimminz Agree To End Women’s Suffrage

Aight. It’s been a bloody hard slog, a rough’n tough time of intergender alienation all around. Ever since 1920 our poor, poor women cupcakes have ceaselessly endured the evil, oppressive responsibility that is accountability female suffrage. And so too have we, as men, suffered women’s suffrage. But despair ye not ye “damsels” in distress, ye jaded men under duress, salvation and a happy end are nigh.

For in a recently released, absolutely scientific study the average woman’s sentiments about this matter have been revealed beyond a shadow of doubt. But don’t just take my word for it, take theirs:

Feminists naturally disagree most vehemently with all of this and have come forth with a sinisterly yonic distopian response of their own *shiver*:

Yet relax brothers, all is shiny. NASA is presently working on a cure for feminism. See these fiendish feminists will be integrated into state of the art long range interstellar spaceships. By means of their supreme mental abilities (aka Beaver Hamster Gyration Einstein-Rosen-Bridge Scramblers) they will be able to distort and warp space time rationality and thus propel spaceships to hitherto unseen speeds. It is rumored this scientific breakthrough was achieved when a feminist delegation – visiting NASA – claimed space time and the universe itself were patriarchal structures and, anyways, sexist and that it was all not fair and making them unhaaaapy. Seemingly the combined power of their whining and shrill caterwhauling ripped a hole into the fabric of space time, retroactively creating cascading definition loops, the Big Bang and God (TM).

Scientists at NASA have presently not yet found a way to reverse the Hamster Drive. Yet experts overwhelmingly agree that reversion is not neccessary. For the purpose of exploring space one way trips are entirely sufficient. So the countdown for launching feminists into deep space has already begun. In the mean time space monkeys, everywhere on Earth, have been freed and awarded PhDs in Women’s Studies.

So. They are doing their part. But are you doing yours? If you desire the return of sanity, harmony, rationality and sexuality to Planet Earth do Man-kind a favour and launch a feminist into space…today.

Missing in Action: The Lost Boys of the Sexual Revolution

Here’s the deal: recently, while browsing through an article at HUS I read several comments by Mike who was writing about his traumatic experiences in adolescence vis a vis women. I was angered by the general lack of empathy shown by the (mostly) female audience there. I consequently wrote a somewhat snarky comment about this abysmal state of affairs and also voiced my compassion with Mike. Her majesty (H.M.S.) Susan Walsh responded by promptly deleting my comment because of its “counterproductive, critical tone”.

Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all the female-solipsistic imperative remains strong and vigorous even in supposedly male-friendly websites like HUS. So. Only female suffering is relevant. Only female matters matter. And men, in turn, matter only insofar as they are of use to women. Mrs Walsh can deny it all she wants but I – just like many others in the ‘manosphere’ – have become sceptical of her agenda and goal. Thus, I see my blog as a respite for men, a place where their grievances and concerns can be adressed, analyzed and discussed…in the hopes of finding remedies. Enough said. I dedicate the following article to Mike and wish him godspeed and the best of luck in his life.

Of the great many miseries and suffering Feminism has brought the West nothing, imo, can compare to the systematic psychological neutering of men and demonisation of masculinity itself. Not just because of the cruel, fascistic inhumanity of fiddling with and ‘engineering’ an entire sex but, more importantly, because of its diastrous consequences. Whereas since time immemorial men had had a clearcut set of ethics, behaviors and morals they could follow, they now had nothing, no compass, no direction. Their consciousness brainwashed and literally blankslated by massive educational and societal conditioning, they opted for the (seemingly) logical thing and desperately attempted to conform to Feminism’s comandments of “equality“, “respecting women” “male” “touchy-feely empathy, domestication “pacifism/passivism“…and all the other hogwash. In short…the Nice Guy was born. No strike that. The Nice Guy was systematically engineered, molded and crushed into being by Feminism.

Imagine: entire generations of men in the West wholly emasculated, being taught in school, family and general society to reject their own sex, to loathe their own self…because it is wrong to be male. Aggressiveness and competitiveness was whipped out of them while being obsequious, smarmy and uncritical was deemed correct behavior. With carrots and sticks Pawlovian, feminist gender stalinists thus wilfully dealt out critical blows to men’s self esteem and sense of identity. Man was passé. In the ‘New Girl Order‘ men were verboten and only drones allowed. And any boy who was too masculine needed a hefty dose of Ritalin to get this harmful, patriarchal maleness out of his system. In the West, boyhood was a raw deal from the getgo. But far, far worse was adolescense.

Gentle, dreamy eyed puppies grew into troubled nice guy romantics. They had ingested so much shmaltzy “equality” B.S. it was oozing right out of their ears. Gender was just a social construct, after all. There were no differences between the sexes. If we just respect and love each other everything will be right. Kumbajah, right? Yeah sure. Only a slight problem: things didn’t seem to work out with the girls, at all. Treating girls with respect, giving them all the adoration and pedestalization Feminists had claimed they wanted was getting them nowhere. Time and again nice guys were abused as emotional tampons, as shoulders to cry on and then carelessly discarded with a flippant ‘let’s just be friends‘. These same girls would then later on hop right back on the cock carousel and hook up with cavemen douchebags, total jerks…the *exact* aggressive, patriarchal males Feminists were always bleating about as being, bad, baaaaaad, baaaaaaaaaad.

So what did these nice guys do? What could they do? For the most part, they soldiered on grimly, tried to convince themselves that everything was fine, that ‘true love‘ was just one step away, beyond the horizon, sure to come, just have faith. They fought on for years. The kept dreaming, fantasizing, making the same mistakes. They kept doubling down and executing their (feminist) programming only to get the same results and, increasingly, *does not compute* bluescreens in their heads. With every year and every experience…came fresh emotional wounds, fresh traumata, new horrors, selfdoubt, nightmares.

At this stage, many men had become lonely, depressed, embittered, cynical, confused, angry, desperate, melancholic etc. Some killed themselves. Some unfortunate men married used up, aged sluts that wanted to “settle down” only to be divorce-raped a few years later. Losing everything, getting evicted from their house and children and forced into modern slavery, they got shafted yet again, adding fresh injury to already terrible wounds. Some few tried to talk about their problems with their peers – only to be laughed at, ridiculed, told to ‘man up’, NAWALT or other utter tosh. So they shut up and phased out. Ghosted. Gradually lost themselves in action and drifted away from a cold society that didn’t care and didn’t listen.

So fast forward to 2012: having spent the flower of their youth in emotional concentration camps in deep freeze, having been systematically lied to about the single most important aspect of their lives (sexuality) these poor men are the walking wounded of our present day and age. Similar to Vietnam-Vets these ‘Lost Boys‘ are shellshocked, emotional cripples with the ‘Thousand Yards Stare of Love‘. By and large ignored and ridiculed by society…they are quietly crawling away from agony, to a better place, where they may yet find justice. These are ‘men going their own way‘ and I for one salute them with the utmost respect.

For in the merciless ‘Gender War‘ the first victim, literally, was innocence.