The Shrill, the Slutty and the Hamster: What HUS Tells Us About Post-Feminist Gynocentrism

Imagine for a moment that you are part of a herd of female monkeys. Say you’re their queen, their leader. You’ve been naughty monkeys and mooching off of Man’s largesse. You’ve been eating his bananas, drinking his water (while urinating in it), stealing his stuff and at the same time screeching, flinging feces and insults all the while claiming to anyone that might listen that Man is cruel and has harmed you in oh so many ways.

And this has worked admirably well. It has worked because Man’s instinct is to help you and he is gullible, maybe even stupid, certainly naïve. But somehow things have recently changed. Man is no longer smiling, no longer helping you. In fact he’s looking furious and sending you murderous glances. He’s a big man, a lot stronger than you are. After all, you’re just a poor, gentle little monkey and all…you wouldn’t harm a soul. And what’s his problem anyway? He has all those bananas. He’s so privileged. He must have a secret support structure in place somehow; let’s call it ‘Patriarchy’. And let’s downplay and forget the fact that it was Man’s sweat and labor that brought forth the bananas in the first place.

So what do you do? Heh, it’s rather obvious really. You give as little ground as possible for as many bananas as possible. Maybe you sacrifice the cheekiest, naughtiest monkey (Feminism I) and use it as a scapegoat. You fling it over to Man and shift all blame on it while absolving yourself of all sin. You tell Man that ‘not all monkeys are like that’ (NAMALT), that, really, it’s just a few bad monkeys while most are wonderful creatures and had nothing to do with those terrible actions, like *EVER*. You tell Man that you are on his side (just like the Feminists did) and that all you want is to create a just and good world. You pay lipservice to the reconciliation of the sexes while simultaneously crafting a new paradigm, a new yoke to put on the shoulders of that dumb beast Man. Really, it’s difficult to keep from snickering while you use a combination of strawmen, deflection, rhetoric gyrations and shaming language to reframe reality and create a new system, a new kind of leash just like many times before.

This – in a nutshell – is what Susan Walsh is attempting with HUS. She’s ahead of the curve in that she’s realized that men are starting to wake up and thus sooner or later Feminism I is going to fail. So now she’s preparing the next permutation of female supremacism and entitlement. She’s camouflaging it with some traditional, PUA and even manosphere coating but really it is nothing else than a new exploitation mechanism. Mix a bit of traditional patriarchy with some new age Churchianity, reformed slutdom, born again virginhood, entitlement and victim mentality and hey presto there it is:  a new world where everything is “different” while still being the same.

After all “not all scorpions are like that” (NASALT), Susan explains, “because one of them didn’t bite you.”

Classic, overt 1st 2nd and 3rd wave Feminism (T-800)


Post-feminist gynocentric Femofascism aka Walshism (T-1000)



Back To The Past: Immaculate Conception, Indulgence Peddling & Re-Virginization

After reading Dalrock’s outstanding article regarding the more outlandish and hypocritical notions of certain “christian” lasses I just had to jump into the religious snake pit as well. Because being an amateur historian I believe the point we have reached in time and the present state of Christianity in a warped sense eerily resembles the era just prior to reformation.

So. In 15th century Europe the Catholic church was in disarray, in a deeply corrupt state. There was widespread fornication. The pope was publically whoring around and then openly bestowing positions of power, prestige and privilege to his sons (which he of course officially was forbidden to even have in the first place). Heck, the pope even had his private army ravaging through Italy. Ignorance was endemic (just like today), heretics and nonconformists were burned on stakes (just like tomorrow?) and in general manic craziness reigned supreme in an era of ferocious frenzy where things got ugly on a daily basis.

Inmidst of this wonderful maelstrom of malarkey, this cesspit of sin, double standards and universal craziness you had certain shrewd church officials who developed radical new notions of profitting from the mayhem surrounding them. I am of course refering to Johann Tetzel, a cunning snake oil salesman gentleman who became famous for peddling selling indulgences to the ignorant masses. Essentially, what he did was to claim to be in direct correspondence with the divine and thus to offer absolution for cash. Murder? Rape? Sodomy? Theft? No problem. Fork over some spandooly and all is forgiven…that was, in essence, how Johann’s scheme operated. He even had his own motto:

As soon as money in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory’s fire springs.”

And boy did he cash in. Which brings me to the present. Reading the mindless, hypocritical bleatings and insufferable breyings of Sheila Gregoire about how christian women are not like that (CWANLT) and how they are, in truth, precious, pristine, virtuous, clean and just all out wonderful fruitcakes princesses made me gibber and gyrate from all the holy moly belony. But not to fret. This isn’t madness. This is SPARTAAAA an opportunity. See we should be shrewd like good old Johann Tetzel. We should restart the ancient and timeless art of indulgence peddling.

Hoho, imagine the daft old dingbats. We could ordain some men from the MRM and sell the damsels absolution. You had sex with 3343555550500009445 bad boys while hubby was chained to the chair and had to watch? No problem, it’s not your fault. And even if it is, even if you’re dirty now you can become clean and immaculate once again. Buttercups, just enter your credit card number here and for only 666$ we’ll send you your own personal absolution card with a hologram of Silvio Berlusconi Mother Theresa. Oh and for just another 666$ we can revirginalize you, reattach your hymen, rejuvenate your va-jay-jay and baptize you for good measure.

Abra Kadabra and hokus pokus. Gone are “well travelled” sluts and porn born again are noble, innocent and wonderful virgins. Isn’t that just beautiful? You bettcha.