No Money No Honey – Cambodian Men Going Their Own Way

Heh. After a lengthy phase of anatomic ambivalence and intestinal introspection I am once again back on the road. It’s been a scary experience in Cambodia but on the bright side it did give me an opportunity to rub noses with a lot of the common men there. What was revealed to me I found nothing short of fascinating.

The thing is, Cambodian men have a veritable pussy paradise compared to what most blokes in the West have to grapple with. Cambodia is still a deeply traditional country with patriarchal structures and all those evil, eeeevil things restrainining women’s hypergamy liberty. So you would assume men would go for it and by and large jump to the chance of getting with these sweet and affectionate damsels? Interestingly enough, this is not at all the case.

Don’t get me wrong. Just like all men everywhere in the world (except for perhaps the pathological manginae who just want to cuddle), Cambodian men, too, strongly crave the good old ‘In’n’Out’. It’s the circumstances of said that deter them, however. Cambodia is a monogamous society and this monogamy is still rather robustly enforced. Maybe less so in the capital, Pnom Penh, but certainly in the countryside where things remain strongly traditional and time seems to be stuck firmly in the 19th century (I even saw horse/donkey/buffalodrawn carts there, seriously).

So just as women’s hypergamy is reigned in, so is men’s polygamy. At the same time Cambodia is a miserably poor country. And not just in a global but also in a regional context. Even Vietnam – itself a country of rather modest means – compares very favorably to Kampuchea where some men earn as little as 45$ per month, slaving working 7 days a week. This then, in a nutshell, is the roach in their pudding: if they want sex they are supposed to marry. But if they marry they have to support their wives and children on ofttimes catastrophically low incomes. It’s a recipe for misery and failure. And, unsurprisingly, it is thus not something they seem to be relishing.

I talked to several guys who all told me straight out, they’d much rather just go to a prostitute for a shortterm “sex fix” than have to deal with a wife, family and all the concomitant bother. These were good guys, not cads. Honest to Earth salts, the beta backbone of society. And if even these guys – who have truly pleasurable women (oftentimes still virgins, at least in the countryside) to pick from – don’t really want to go for it I conclude the future of marriage in the West with all the ┬átoxic, merry brew of harridans, shrews, harpies and succubae…is altogether hopeless.

I thus posit men don’t naturally want to marry. It is quite difficult to harness them to the yoke of wife and family support. Historically, kickstarting the monogamy-marriage dynamic was only possible in those societies where sufficient incentives (for men!) were present and the surrounding circumstances benign. Once a monogamous tradition had been established, I suspect, it was able to sustain itself through societal pressures and man’s tendency towards conservatism.

Wherever and whenever a society removes all these incentives for men and replaces them with deterents (feminism, divorce rape, false rape allegations etc.) or falls below a minimum threshhold of economic stability (45$/month in Cambodia) thus placing an undue economic burden on men seeking to provide for their families…monogamy and marriage will tend to fail. And men will start going their own way, putting their own interests first. In short they’ll say: “forget this yoke, you can pull your cart on your own, thank you. I be gone. You’ll find me poolside.”

As the saying goes:

“No money no honey. No honey no baby. No baby no problem.”